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Jelurida Weekly Wins

31 July 2023


SENATOR taps Ardor blockchain to establish modern urban planning policies

The EU-funded SENATOR project aims to transform how urban planning policies are conceived and executed in modern cities, and the Ardor blockchain technology, which powers the project, is crucial because it provides ways to connect to other blockchains, and supports transaction efficiency, scalability and flexibility. The project’s vision for urban planning with Ardor blockchain involves three key objectives: Firstly, it seeks to enhance transparency by creating a platform to store and access all urban planning information. Secondly, it aims to promote civic participation in decision-making processes through Ardor blockchain's secure and decentralized architecture. Lastly, SENATOR aims to establish resilient city infrastructures, more efficient and responsive to citizens’ needs by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Therefore, the project opens the door to more transparent, democratic, and sustainable urban environments, paving the way for the future of urban development. The news has been covered in several crypto media, such as UToday, The News Crypto, CryptoNews, ZyCrypto, Cryptela, CryptoPumpNews, Crypto News BTC, Coin Trust, Tech Startups, and Analytics Insight.

The latest updates from the Bridge Champ team

The Bridge Champ project is making great progress, as covered in this Chinese media article. The development team is working on tournaments, and “Play with Bots” tournaments are fully operational in beta. Pairs tournaments and Team tournaments are expected to be ready by mid-August. Besides, the Bridge Champ team, led by Agustin Madala and Alon Birman, played at the ACBL Summer NABC 2023 Tournament in Chicago. They won second place in the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs, Agustin’s team made it to the quarter-finals of Spingold, Alon Birman won the Fishbein trophy for scoring the highest points out of 1000+ players at the whole summer NABC, and the YENOVA team with Alon as Bridge Champ ambassador won the Roth Swiss teams! Amazing achievements in such a strong tournament!

What's behind the recreation of Mythical Beings? Watch the video

The process of recreating a myth is a long one and involves several types of work. The first step is to locate and gather the documentation about the myth and the original culture, and then it’s Ana Santiso’s turn to give it new life with pencil and brush in watercolour on paper, as shown in this video. The third step is to transfer the drawing to digital media, adapting it to the medium and framing it to the format of the cards. Last, convert it into an NFT and incorporate it into the collection.

VesselChain will be presented at BNEW Barcelona Start-Up Innovation Hub 2023

We are glad to announce that the VesselChain project has been invited to participate in the BNEW Barcelona Start-Up Innovation Hub 2023, on October 2-5, 2023. The project will be presented to professionals from different economic sectors, industries, corporations and institutions to encourage cross-border collaborations. Thanks to this participation, the project will support and increase the visibility of Ardor and Ignis blockchain, to foster business opportunities in the logistics and real estate sector.

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