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Jelurida Weekly Wins

19 June 2023


New Bridge Champ's ambassador - the worldwide bridge champion, Agustin Madala!

The Bridge Champ team is glad to officially announce its new game ambassador, the worldwide bridge champion, Agustin Madala! Class 1987 from Buenos Aires, Agustin showed amazing talent from a young age and completed his first Bermuda Bowl at 15 as part of the Argentine National team. He has a remarkable intuition for the bridge game and for his extraordinary card play he earned the nickname “Agustin the Magician”. He just participated in the 10thEuropean Transnational Championships 2023 in Strasbourg, France, the tournament organized by the European Bridge League in collaboration with the French Bridge Federation, where he endorsed for the first time the Bridge Champ online platform. Join Agustin on this exciting journey at!

Francisco joined the SIL 2023 in Barcelona

On June 9, 2023, Francisco joined the SIL 2023, the leading exhibition for logistics, transport, intralogistics and supply chain fair for Southern Europe in Barcelona. It was a great opportunity to network and create future business opportunities for the latest projects on the Ardor-Ignis blockchain!

WenGods-Not all who wander are lost & & first UI sneak peek

In the latest WenGods update, the game developer Apenzl explains the ideas behind the great multiplayer game mechanics, the new player's feature integration into the UI, the character attributes such as strength, intelligence, dexterity, constitution, and spirit. Besides, to advance in the game, he illustrates how to earn experience points through different quests: simple, storyline, and player-generated quests. Now, whitelisted Ardor accounts can log in with SIGBRO as digital IDs and set up maps, NPCs, items, objects, and quests, and get a sneak peek of the WenGods UI.

Mythical Beings exhibited at the NFC 2023 in Lisbon

The Mythical Beings team joined the Non-Fungible Conference 2023 in Lisbon, from June 7 to June 9, 2023, an experimental Web3 event that brought the global NFT community together. In particular, they had the opportunity to connect with Cynthia from Faerian, an international gallery for NFTs and Traditional Artworks about Imaginary worlds.

Ardor AMA recap in Chinese media

The recent Ardor AMA session, conducted in collaboration with CryptoWallet, is now available for a full recap for the Chinese community via Technology DeepFlow media. Led by Francisco Sarrias, Ardor Web3 Evangelist, the session covered a wide range of topics, including an overview of the Ardor blockchain project, insights into its ecosystem, emphasis on collaborations and partnerships, strategies for user adoption, the latest use cases, Ardor’s top features for investors, and more.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!