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Jelurida Weekly Wins

03 April 2023


Jelurida is one of the official exhibitors at BxCat 2023

We are glad to announce our participation as an official exhibitor at BxCat 2023, Catalonia’s premier blockchain fair, to showcase Ardor and Ignis' cutting-edge blockchain solutions and running projects. The event will take place on May 17, 2023, at the Auditori Palau de Congressos de Girona. It will be a significant gathering for hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from around the world. Mark the date on your calendar and meet us at BxCat 2023.

Bridge Champ - New 1.0.3 version release!

Great news for all Bridge Champ fans! The team has recently released the latest 1.0.3 version, packed with exciting new features, improved gameplay, and several bug fixes to improve your gaming experience. The new features include added support for hand constraints to the hand editor, and the ability for users to delete their own account from the account dialogue. Of course, no software update is complete without bug fixes, which have also been reported by players. Now, you can enjoy Bridge Champ with even greater confidence. Dive into the game, experience the newest version 1.0.3, and leave your feedback or suggest new features for the team of developers.

ARDR & CryptoWallet - New partnership announced!

We are thrilled to announce the latest collaboration between Ardor and CryptoWallet, a leading crypto wallet provider that supports unlocking the full potential of your crypto in everyday transactions. This collaboration will enable Ardor users to access a new level of convenience and ease of use when it comes to managing their digital assets, as well as to participate in various promotional activities. Join CryptoWallet’s bounty program and get the chance to earn rewards!

Meet the Mythical Beings team!

Meet Daniel, one of Mythical Beings’ co-founders. He’s a skilled professional that plays a fundamental role in the development and success of Tarasca Art & Games’ flagship product – Mythical Beings. He contributes from product development to marketing and customer engagement. Besides, let’s introduce Jesùs, Mythical Beings’ Head of technology. He’s a highly-skilled and dedicated computer engineer, specialized in blockchain technology and error debugging. He’s responsible for the seamless operation of the company’s digital wallet, websites, smart contracts and the creation of bridges between different blockchains.

Latest updates from Ardor.World!

Exciting news from Ardor.World! Many new features are now available, such as Ardor bundlers top, Ignis child chain bundlers top, BITSWIFT child chain bundlers top and GPS child chain bundlers top.

How NFTs are changing the art industry

Mythical Beings’ latest Medium article describes how NFTs are changing the art industry and how they will play a significant role in the art world for years to come, with the growth of blockchain technology and the continued interest in digital art. But how? Some of the most significant changes that NFTs have brought to the art world are: Providing artists with new revenue streams, allowing greater control over digital creations, creating new opportunities for collectors, challenging the traditional notion of art ownership, and creating a new market for digital art.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!