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Jelurida Weekly Wins

27 February 2023


Bridge Champ - read the article on Bridge Winners & join the game

Bridge lovers, get ready for an exciting new experience! Last week, the Bridge Champ team has started an advertising campaign on Bridge Winners, one of the most visited websites by the bridge community. In the introductory article, you can learn more about Bridge Champ and why it is going to be the best online bridge platform in terms of user experience. Register on Bridge Champ, start playing and join the community on Discord and Wiki, and feel free to share your feedback and suggestions. This Chinese article via Chain Game Portal also covers the Bridge Champ game's latest development.

Ardor is the blockchain layer in the Senator project

The EU-funded freight logistics project, Senator, needed a hybrid blockchain solution, with a centralized database to store data and a public blockchain to decrease the infrastructure and maintenance costs. Thus, along with many other met criteria, Ardor blockchain has been elected as the best solution to grant the highest degree of trust to the system and among its players in the consortium. In particular, Ardor will be the blockchain layer for two use cases: transaction traceability and IoT traceability. Find out more in the dedicated research document.

NFT game Mythical Beings to launch a strategy game

The NFT card collection game in the Ardor ecosystem, Mythical Beings, has recently announced its latest roadmap for 2023. Among other exciting new features and the upcoming Season 6, the team has also announced launching soon Battlegrounds, the P2E strategy game in the MB ecosystem. The news has been covered by CoinPost, the Japanese crypto media.

Nxt whitepaper cited in this research paper

As the first pure PoS and open-source blockchain platform launched in 2013, written from scratch in Java, Nxt remains one of the most tested and reliable platforms in the industry. Recently, the Nxt whitepaper has been used and cited as a reference in this research paper on the topic “A blockchain-based framework for circular end-of-life vehicle processing”, published on February 2023.

Mythical Beings - Q&A with Ana Santiso

Meet the team behind Mythical Beings! Ana Santiso, head of Art at MB from Galicia, Spain, is the illustrator and creator of the image of each creature in the collection. In this blog article, the team gathered all the Q&A for the community to know more about Anna’s creative process.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!