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Jelurida Weekly Wins

13 February 2023


Mythical Beings - 2023 Roadmap has been announced!

Great news from the Ardor ecosystem! Mythical Beings has recently announced the 2023 Roadmap for the following months. Season 5 of the NFT card collection game will end soon, and players will only be able to craft, trade and morph cards in the following two months. With S06, around May 2023, there will be new cards, new economic principles, new crypto accepted, and a new wallet. Last but not least, Mythical beings will also be launching Battlegrounds, one of the NFT games in development in the MB ecosystem. And you, what are you looking for in the upcoming seasons? Share your thoughts and ideas with the team!

Ardor Library Tools for Java Developers

Did you know that Jelurida offers a repository with Ardor Java libraries and scrips? This represents valid support for compiling, testing and deploying Ardor lightweight contracts, add-ons or other projects that depend on the Ardor classes. Find out more about the Ardor Library tools for Java developers!

Francisco presented the Senator project at IoT SWC 2023!

Great interest has been shown in the Senator project presented at the IoT SWC 2023 in Barcelona. The EU-funded freight logistics project is an exceptional use case for using Ignis blockchain as a cybersecurity layer for protecting data from sensors and different devices. Besides, the easiness to integrate Ignis blockchain into enterprise legacy systems, made it possible by Java expandible API and its native smart contract templates.

Ignis Lightweight Smart Contracts - learn more

Ignis can be your next blockchain destination! Ignis stateless Lightweight Smart Contracts represent a framework for developing a layer of automation on top of the existing Ardor APIs, and such contracts only run on the nodes who elect to execute them. Learn more about and how to deploy your next Lightweight Contracts!

What is Mythical Beings?

This Chinese media article covers Mythical Beings, the unique NFT card collection game in the Ardor ecosystem. Unlike other NFT collections, Mythical Beings is not just an endless card collection but features mythical culture, and artistic and educational values behind each card, on which is based the level of scarcity: common, epic, rare, and special. Besides, cards can be bought or traded, crafted or morphed and, when the collection is completed, players receive rewards from the Jackpot with in-game GEM tokens and the opportunity to get special card rewards.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!