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Jelurida Weekly Wins

16 January 2023


Bridge Champ Announces NFT Badge And Crypto Integration

The Bridge Champ team leverages blockchain technology to connect players and make playing bridge online more accessible and now seeks to advance its solution through crypto rewards and NFT badges, as covered in this Crypto Daily media article. The platform, build on Ignis, Ardor’s first child chain, offers tamper-proof game data and a cheating-prevention system. Bridge Champ’s new 2023 roadmap, as also mentioned in this Chinese media, includes online tournaments, crypto rewards, token payments and NFT badges for in-game achievements. What makes Bridge Champ unique is the new P2E approach: players don’t need to make an upfront NFT purchase to access the ecosystem. On the contrary, the platform is accessible to anyone at no cost and the use of NFTs is more social-oriented than money-driven, allowing Bridge Champ to build a global network of bridge players.

Buy your HASHWallet Link and get an Airdrop in $ARDR, $IGNIS and $NXT!

As previously announced, to celebrate the integration of Ardor, Ignis and Nxt into HASHWallet, in collaboration with eSignus, we launched a special deal dedicated to our community. Purchase your HASHWallet Link and be rewarded with an airdrop worth 45E in $ARDR, $IGNIS, and $NXT. Enter the code: JELURIDA22, and follow the instructions on how to redeem your airdrop.

Jan 31 - Jelurida will join the IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

We are glad to announce that Jelurida will be one of the exhibitors at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2023, the world’s leading conference for IoT, AI, AR, and many more game-changing technologies in Barcelona. During the 3-day congress, we will showcase Senator, the EU-funded project for secure IoT-generated data on Ignis blockchain.

Mythical Beings - New Morphing creatures & GEM market!

The new Morphing feature added to Mythical Beings paves the way for the in-game economy, creating a marketplace for the in-game currency GEM. The new “morphing” feature consists of a metamorphosis of creatures so that users can turn one card into another of the same rank at certain GEM costs, thus solving the problem of missing cards to complete the collection. Read the article for a detailed explanation of the game and the GEM system.

The Ardor public blockchain ecosystem, developed by Jelurida

This Technology Deepflow media article covers the Ardor public blockchain ecosystem, developed by Jelurida. In particular, it presents Senator, the EU-funded Freight Logistics project for which Jelurida is collaborating with Accenture and Correos, to provide optimal governance solutions based on user demand planning, transportation and logistics planning, and urban infrastructure. In addition, the article illustrates a second leading project in the Ardor ecosystem: Bridge Champ, the first blockchain-based online platform for the strategic card game contract bridge, developed by Jelurida.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!