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Jelurida Weekly Wins

05 December 2022


Bridge Champ - NFT badges and crypto rewards will be available soon

Bridge Champ, the first global blockchain-based bridge platform developed by Jelurida, has recently unveiled its latest 2023 roadmap with major development expected, and the news has got the attention of CryptoNewsZ and Chain Game Portal media. Bridge Champ's new roadmap includes new developments for tournaments, mobile experience, and blockchain integration for gamification and crypto support, including the generation of NFT badges to collect crypto rewards for game achievements. Reward issuance and NFT registration will occur on the Ardor blockchain using the IGNIS child chain token, thus expanding Bridge Champ’s appeal and Ardor’s ecosystem presence.

Francisco joined the TechSpirit 2022 conference in Barcelona

On November 30, Francisco represented Jelurida at the Tech Spirit 2022, a two-day conference in Barcelona for empowering the local’s digital and technological ecosystem. The event welcomed more than 5000 participants, 120 speakers and 50 content sessions, which created great opportunities for networking around the Ardor blockchain and its potential for enterprise-level projects.

What is Ardor? Learn more on the 7b article

Ardor is an open-source “Blockchain-as-a-Service” (BaaS) platform, designed with a unique multi-chain architecture to overcome existing blockchain tech problems and ensure scalability. Read the article about Ardor by 7b and learn more about the ARDR token and how to trade it on 7b, the crypto trading app.

Lior comments on ECB's statement: "Bitcoin Is on the Road to Irrelevance"

Last week, two members of the European Central Bank (ECB) launched an unprecedented critique of Bitcoin. They affirmed the failure of Bitcoin to replace or improve the monetary system, as it has never been used for significant real-world transactions. In reply to ECB’s publication, Lior Yaffe comments that this is a predictable critique and ECB is making great efforts to make Bitcoin irrelevant, as a conflict of interests. Lior also added that Bitcoin is a door opener and a case study into the decentralized economy. It might not have fulfilled its full potential yet, but it is certainly a hint for things to come, as mentioned in this Be In Crypto media article.

US Ardor community: You can purchase ARDR on Guardarian!

Great news for the US-based Ardor community. It is now possible to purchase ARDR with a card directly on, the crypto-fiat platform.

Francisco panel speaker at D4A 2022 - Watch the video

ICYMI – On November 10, Francisco joined the main stage as a panel speaker at the D4A Conference 2022 in Barcelona. He discussed how blockchain, and in particular how the Ardor blockchain, can enhance efficiency and reduce costs for organizations and governments, showcasing Senator, the EU-funded project in collaboration with Accenture and Correos. Watch the video for the complete panel session.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!