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Jelurida Weekly Wins

17 October 2022


Ignis use case presented at the Innovation Dock - Salon Nautico 2022

Last week, Jelurida joined the Innovation Dock 2022, part of the Salon Nautico in Barcelona, as one of the 15 most innovative European startups. Francisco presented an innovative solution, which combines the advantages of blockchain technology with the needs of the nautical sector: Boat berth tokenization on the Ardor-Ignis blockchain. The berths’ purchase as NFTs will offer great advantages to the marina, berth booking apps, boat owners and captains, such as transparency, flexible pricing & planning and instant liquidity. Besides, the Ardor PoS blockchain platform requires minimal energy consumption and offers a safe and reliable network distributed worldwide.

Bridge Champ & Solution Architecture - Part 4

In his latest blog article, Lior continues to explore how Bridge Champ integrates the Ardor blockchain technology. He presents the overall solution architecture: from local signing to a two-server solution, which offers higher security and privacy compared to a more traditional setup of an online server storing all user private keys. What feature will you be more interested to know more about? Visit Jelurida Talk Forum and let us know in the comments!

Buy & Sell $ARDR via Guardarian, now available in the US market!

The Guardarian crypto exchange just entered the US market! Now you can additionally buy, sell or swap $ARDR from the 41 states supported in the USA.

Mythical Beings Season 5 - the adventure begins!

In this Season 5 of Mythical Beings, the P2E card collection game on Ardor blockchain, the adventure begins! Fifty creatures are finally deployed across the land, ten for each continent. Mythology and traditional cultures won’t be left behind, and new creatures will be added each season. The collection will have new cards, a new special card – Maruxaina, from Galicia, and the morphing function for trading special cards will be added during S05. Besides, the community will have the possibility to buy card packs using fiat, and the online shop will be officially opened. Follow Mythical Beings news and stay tuned!

How to create child chains on the Ardor blockchain

This Chinese media article outlines why Ardor’s child chains represent an essential part of the Ardor multichain platform and how to create them. Ignis, Ardor’s main child chain, is fully featured, has rich functionality and hybrid user permissioning capabilities. Ignis is essential to grant Ardor parent chain high scalability and to solve the existing industry problem of blockchain bloat. Moreover, child chains can be created based on the business or project’s needs and organizations can choose to sponsor the transaction fees on their child chain, allowing users to enjoy zero-fee services. The child chain creation is managed by Jelurida with a contract agreement with the child chain operator, to ensure that real-world use cases benefit the Ardor ecosystem.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!