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Jelurida Weekly Wins

19 September 2022


Jelurida’s Ignis Chain Reveals a New Use Case in the Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is facing several challenges regarding the lack of transparency in ship ownership, logistics, and the related financial and insurance companies that support those businesses. Jelurida pointed out in this article, covered by CoinPost, that compliance information on vessels could be aggregated in an easily accessible and tamperproof database to improve efficiency and profitability along the value chain. Ignis blockchain is the proposed database solution, the fully featured, permissionless Ardor’s main child chain with a minimal carbon footprint. Besides, the deployment of NFTs could bring major benefits for ownership certificates, compliance regulations, and easy access to the port.

Ardor & NOWNodes - Giveaway winner has been announced!

We are glad to announce the winner of the giveaway blockchain event, in collaboration with NOWNodes! Congrats to Surinder, who got NOWNodes PRO tariff with 1 mln requests to an ARDR node! More joint promo activities will follow, stay tuned!

New Asset ArdorBG for the Ardor community supporters

A new initiative from the Ardor community! ArdorBulgaria created the asset ArdorBG to fuel new developments and to increase the liquidity on the pair ARDR/IGNIS. For more info, read the post on Jelurida Talk Forum.

Cheoleung Kim will join the Upbit Developer Conference 2022

We are happy to announce that Cheoleung Kim, Head of Jelurida Korea, will take part in the upcoming Upbit Developer Conference 2022, September 22-23, 2022, in Busan – South Korea. The UDC will gather blockchain industry leaders, developers, and crypto enthusiasts to discuss NFT, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 challenges and opportunities.

Ignis Stateless Lightweight smart contracts in Chinese media

To break through the technical bottleneck of existing smart contracts, the Jelurida team implemented a different, more flexible and scalable approach. As covered in this Chinese media article, Ignis Lightweight Smart Contracts represent a framework for developing a layer of automation on top of the existing Ardor APIs. They provide all the uses of other smart contracts, with a more flexible and automated middle layer to support building more complex server-side blockchain applications.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!