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Jelurida Weekly Wins

22 August 2022


Ardor, Ignis, Nxt - Solid projects to rely on in bear market

At times of bear market like this one, crypto traders need to rely on solid projects that have already proved themselves in 2017. This ZyCrypto article mentions the Jelurida team, known as a pioneer of blockchain technology, that created the Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt blockchain platforms. Throughout the 2017 bear market, Jelurida maintained the builder-first mentality, and strengthen its PoS platforms and decentralized applications.

Jelurida Africa - Crypto’s dominance across Africa shows no signs of slowing

Despite the current market conditions, crypto adoption across emerging economies such as the African blockchain landscape continues to grow strong. Bitcoinist and TheNewsCrypto media articles mention the Jelurida Africa Blockchain Expedition, a major educational program to accelerate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in East African countries. While the team continues to engage with local governments, holding meetings and conferences, Jelurida Africa plans to launch a Pan African Hackathon soon, and a tailored solution service by Q4 2022. The topic has been covered in several crypto media, such as APNA crypto news, LolaCoin, Crypto New Coins, Crypto Currency, Money Plank, and CoinBuzzFeed.

How Jelurida takes Contract Bridge into the modern era with blockchain technology

This Crypto Daily article covers the major benefits of Bridge Champ, the platform that brings the famous card game Bridge into the digital world by using Ardor-Ignis blockchain platforms, developed by Jelurida. The news has been also covered in Cryptogainn, CryptoPumpNews, and Gaa Magazine crypto media. As mentioned by Lior Yaffe, Bridge Champ will serve as a flagship solution for third-parties gaming platforms, by creating reusable crypto integration components based on the Ardor blockchain. Follow up on technical details and raise your questions on Jelurida Talk Forum!

AMA recap: Jelurida x StealthEX

Last week, on August 16, we had an engaging AMA session in collaboration with SteathEX. Francisco Sarrias provided much information in reply to the community’s questions about Ardor, Ignis, Nxt and the Jelurida company. In case you missed the live session, read the recap here!

Fast-growing large market: Jelurida Africa helps financial inclusive solution

The Technology DeepFlow Chinese media recently covered in this article how Jelurida Africa is helping with financial inclusive solutions for the fast-growing large market of Africa. Starting with the Nigeria office in 2019, the Jelurida Africa team has now further strengthened its presence across the East African countries, offering blockchain solutions to the community, support for blockchain development and deployment to public and private organizations. Meanwhile, Jelurida Africa is encouraging the asset tokenization of resources and properties on the Ignis blockchain.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!