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Jelurida Weekly Wins

25 July 2022


Mythical Beings Reviewed: How to Play and Make Money

A fresh and comprehensive article in BitcoinTrading takes a deeper look into Mythical Beings and explains to the readers how to play the game and earn money. Being a blockchain based card collection game, the project combines the excitement of playing the game and learning more about a variety of legendary creatures from different cultures with the possibility of winning cryptocurrency. The article further explains how to complete the set of cards and participate in the accumulated jackpot. For those not yet familiar with the game, you can find out everything on the Mythical Beings website and start playing right away!

Ardor Asset to ERC-1155 Bridge and IPFS integration - documentation and tutorials are available

Last week we announced new features of Ardor which can be deployed as light contracts - Asset to ERC-1155 Bridge and IPFS integration. The Ardor Asset to ERC-1155 Bridge is a contract for maintaining a peg of ERC-1155 tokens to assets on Ardor. The ERC-1155 tokens are considered a "wrapped" version of the Ardor assets, which exists on the Ethereum or some other EVM-compatible network. And thanks to the second contract Ardor nodes can be connected to IPFS. Now advanced users and developers can also find out all documentation and dedicated tutorials here and here

Ardor and Nxt Node Rewards Program in Chinese media 

The Ardor and Nxt node rewards program has been running successfully for over two years already distributing up to 6000 IGNIS daily and Increasing the number of open API nodes on both the Ardor and NXT blockchains. Last week it was covered in Chinese media in order to seek wider audience and more potential participants in the program. And for those who find out about this now - it's easy to start and run a node, just check out how to do it step by step on our wiki page

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ICYMI: New Bridge Champ promo video is here! 

Recently a new promo video of our Bridge Champ platform was published and you can check it out here. For those not yet familiar with Bridge Champ as well as for all bridge enthusiasts worldwide - check out the website and find out all features of our state-of-the art intuitive platform, its blockchain interaction and upcoming exciting developments! 

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!