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Jelurida Weekly Wins

04 July 2022


Jelurida - selected for the Innovation Dock at Salon Nautico 2022 in Barcelona

We are glad to announce that Jelurida got selected as one of the 15 most innovative startups to participate in the Innovation Dock 2022, by Nautic Tech project, at the next Boat Show in Barcelona, in October 2022. The space is meant to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the nautical sector, and Jelurida will present the idea of tokenising the boat berths as NFTs on the Ardor blockchain.

Lior mentioned in Cointelegraph

Lior Yaffe, mentioned in this Cointelegraph article, noted that a business’s decision to accept Bitcoin should not be based on short-term price fluctuations. Even with all the volatility, there are compelling reasons for SMEs to accept Bitcoin, such as the ability to control funds directly without relying on third parties. Businesses selling goods and services over the internet having problems using the existing credit card system, organizations based in countries where the local currency is extreme, or firms who cannot work with their local banking system, all can benefit from the use of BTC. However, cybersecurity risks and expensive and difficult accounting are still tangible issues that need to be resolved.

Adedayo speaker at Digital Africa Conference 2022

On June 28, 2022, Adedayo was a panel speaker at Digital Africa Conference 2022. Exploring how blockchain can unlock the barriers affecting Africa’s digital future, emerged a strong positive outlook and an engaging discussion for the Tech Industry in Africa.

Francisco visited the Cisco Innovation Center in Barcelona

On June 30, Francisco was invited with many other engineers to visit the Cisco Innovation Center in Barcelona. During the tour at the research hub, the Cisco team showed their latest innovations and explained their collaboration with startups and universities to explore possible new products and services to include in their portfolio.

Mythical Beings - Round 6 of Season 4 has just ended

Mythical Beings Season 04 is at full speed, and round 6 and round 7 of the NFT card collection game just ended. Seven participants got the Sasquatch card, one of the new mythical creatures unleashed this season. Congratulations to the team, and stay tuned for the next round!

What is Ardor blockchain?

This Chinese media article covers the unique advantages of the Ardor blockchain platform. It is a public blockchain network specifically developed by Jelurida to let users gain access to blockchain technology through the introduction of child chains, which can be customized to any level. Moreover, Ardor allows developers to self-deploy their blockchain network to verify and track transactions, and get all kinds of in-depth information about the network, thus maximising the potential of the blockchain.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!