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Jelurida Weekly Wins

06 June 2022


Ardor 2.4.2 - New Version Released!

We are glad to announce that the new Ardor version 2.4.2 has been released. The new version is an important bug fix release to eliminate false fork alerts and resolve issues with the light client and installation on macOS. It is a recommended update for everybody, especially for those who run open API nodes. Download it here!

Bridge Champ & P2E Gaming Industry Is Garnering Immense Interest from VC

The interest of investors in the P2E blockchain gaming industry continues to rise. Web 3.0 and blockchain-based gaming have unlocked great opportunities for players and game developers, and this Finance Magnates article mentions Bridge Champ as one of the few P2E projects that are shaping the future of GameFi. Bridge Champ is an Ardor-Ignis blockchain-powered bridge game developed by Jelurida, and it’s the first platform of its kind to allow online bridge tournaments and competitions with real-world bridge experience through a user-friendly interface. Based on the 2022 roadmap, the development of Bridge Champ is progressing at full speed and new features and innovative solutions will be added soon to further enhance the online bridge play experience, such as a mobile app, NFT registration, social networks integration, and much more.

Mythical Beings Season 04 will start soon!

The Mythical Beings team has recently announced that Season 03 is estimated to end on June 9, 2022. However, the new Season 04 will start soon! Four new cards of mythological creatures, including Sasquatch, will be added from worldwide ancestral legends as handmade paintings by Ana Santiso. Out of 50 creatures of Tarasca’s initial commitment, during the next season, the collection will be completed (for now) with the last 5 creatures left! Besides, the Mythical Beings Shop will be launched for enthusiasts to buy the MB board game, gadgets and the Creature Book coming out soon! Stay tuned!

Francisco joined SIL Congress in Barcelona

On May 31, 2022, Francisco represented Jelurida at SIL 2022, the leading Barcelona Congress with 300+ speakers debating on technology, sustainability and leadership. In particular, Francisco explored opportunities within NFTs and Loyalty Programs.

Latest news from

Ardor.World has published the latest updates regarding features and soon-to-be-launched optimizations of, Ardor World Cabinet, and Ardor.World New Blockchain Explorer. To support the Ardor ecosystem, follow Ardor.World!

June 7 - Jelurida participates in BE-READI CIRCLE Event in Lugano

We are glad to announce that Jelurida will join the BE-READI CIRCLE event in Lugano, on June 7, 2022. The event is focused on local SMEs and Startups to explore new business opportunities, discuss different market approaches, and extend their collaboration and networking. The round-table event is organized by Match Association and USI Startup Centre, in collaboration with AITI, as part of the EU project “Interreg – BE-READI ALPS” supported by the Office for Economic Development of Ticino Canton and the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE.

How to run Ardor (ARDR) node

The Ardor platform offers developers the possibility to easily deploy the blockchain while maintaining the security of the network. In this NOWNodes article, you can learn everything you need to know on how to run your ARDR node. NOWNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service provider that enables you to easily connect to an ARDR node through the usage of an API key. Follow the guide and quickly get access to any blockchain data you need.

Lior's comments on El Salvador's strategic move in Chinese media

El Salvador’s strategy in the adoption of crypto assets has been covered in this Chinese media article, together with Lior Yaffe's comments. He confirms that the transition to Bitcoin as legal tender is a crucial decision and that the evaluation should be made in the long-term rather than on short-term price swings. Moreover, decentralized crypto offers outstanding advantages for small and emerging countries that might now be endeavouring with their local fiat.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!