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Jelurida Weekly Wins

09 May 2022


Ardor hardfork has been successfully completed!

The Ardor hardfork, scheduled at block 2.307.000 and executed on May 1, 2022, has been successfully completed. It has activated on mainnet the new features that were recently enabled on testnet: per-transaction-type Asset Control and Asset Trade Royalties. The newly released Ardor 2.4.1 version aims to empower the user further through decentralization and transparency while enhancing the platform's technical features.

Francisco presents NFT Ignis-based projects at BxCat 2022!

On May 4-5, 2022, Francisco Sarrias represented Jelurida at the BxCat 2022 in Girona, the blockchain event for Catalonia. During the two-day exposition, Francisco presented several projects on the Ardor-Ignis ecosystem to organizations, investors and crypto enthusiasts. In particular, the NFT use cases, such as Mythical Beings, NFTMagic, and SIGBRO. - New NFT Marketplace to launch on Ardor ecosystem

The Ardor ecosystem is rapidly expanding, and soon, the new NFT Marketplace for digital assets by Ardor.World, will be ready to launch on Ignis blockchain. This CoinPost article covers the news regarding the UART crowdfunding campaign supported by generous contributions of community members and Jelurida, the campaign target reached in two weeks and the new Ardor Library now available with tools for Java developers. For the latest news, follow Ardor.Wold/ on Medium!

Royalties on NFTMagic!

NFTMagic, the green, secure and low-fee NFT Marketplace powered by SIGBRO, has recently announced the release of on-chain NFT Royalties. As part of the DEX, which handles the NFT itself, this feature is not handled by NFTMagic or any centralized entity, thus granting the artist’s royalties to be paid immediately.

ARDR full node is available on NOWNodes

Recently, NOWNodes has officially announced to the Ardor community that ARDR full node is available on their platform, for users and developers to access a full node and blockbook explorers via free API key. This Chinese media article also covers the benefits of the cooperation between the Ardor community and NOWNodes blockchain-as-a-service platform solution for the Ardor developers, such as: keeping the block explorer updated, free testing the network, developing the encryption system smoothly, sharing node business (which is the most affordable way to start and expand the crypto ecosystem), dedicated nodes (fully hosted private nodes for the best encryption experience), and WebSocket connection (the most advanced and secure technology applied to encryption services).

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!