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Jelurida Weekly Wins

14 March 2022


Lior, Alberto and Anna join the WOW Summit & Crypto Expo in Dubai

We are glad to announce the participation of Lior Yaffe, Alberto Fernandez and Anna Rosebrook representing Jelurida at the upcoming blockchain and crypto events in Dubai. They will take part in WOW Summit, the biggest NFT and Web3 expo in UAE, and the Crypto Expo, which connects crypto investors to network and explore more business opportunities. Stay tuned!

Jelurida Tanzania has been officially registered!

Jelurida Africa has recently announced the official registration of Jelurida Tanzania as a blockchain software solutions company in the United Republic of Tanzania. It represents the second legally recognized entity in the African region. The newly incorporated organization will specialize in education, consultancy and solutions deployment. Congrats to all the Jelurida Africa team!

New SIGBRO version coming soon!

SIGBRO, the secure and easy-to-use wallet app on Ardor blockchain, is working closely with the NFTMagic team to set up a secure claim procedure for physical artworks that are represented by an NFT. To achieve that, many new features will be added by the end of March, such as the ability to sign encrypted messages, the download wallet recovery sheet button and, last but not least, the updated onboarding/create account images.

Cointelegraph mentions Lior's comments about OpenSea phishing scandal

The latest vulnerability about OpenSea, the global NFT marketplace, raised a deeper question about the security level of its infrastructure. This Cointelegraph article covers several comments from Lior Yaffe pointing out that the episode of a sophisticated phishing campaign was a direct result of OpenSea’s poorly planned smart contract upgrade, as well as the platform’s transaction approval architecture. However, Lior added that the main problem is the basic architecture of most NFT marketplaces. He advised users to be careful with contract approvals, that is to always keep accurate track of the approved contracts, or to revoke unsafe or unnecessary ones, and preferably specify a reasonable spending limit of every contract approval.

The Ardor and Nxt Node Reward Program is still ongoing!

A friendly reminder to our Ardor and Nxt community: The Node Reward Program is still ongoing! By running a full node, you can benefit by getting the chance to win up to 6000 $IGNIS distributed daily! Join now and contribute to the decentralization of the network!

Jelurida showcased Ignis at the 4YFN conference as an NFT Blockchain Ecosystem

This article by 1 Bit Finance Chinese media covers Jelurida being one of the 500+ worldwide exhibitors at the 4YFN conference last week in Barcelona. The team showcased Ignis blockchain technology and many NFT P2E gaming projects in the Ignis ecosystem, such as Bridge Champ, the first on-chain bridge online game; Mythical Beings, the card collection game; NFTMagic, the NFT marketplace; and SIGBRO, the secure wallet application.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!