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Jelurida Weekly Wins

21 February 2022


Ardor 3.0.1e - New Testnet version is now available!

We are happy to announce that the new Ardor 3.0.1e testnet version is now available! This is a mandatory upgrade only for the experimental 3.0 Ardor testnet. Ardor already reached an important milestone in version 3.0 with pruning and snapshotting of child-chain transactions on its public testnet. Now multiple bugfixes have been included to improve your testing experience! Find out more and download it here!

Mythical Beings - One of the 10 Best Play-To-Earn Projects to Watch in 2022

This IBT article describes the ten best NFT Play-To-Earn projects that are currently bringing in players on a daily basis, and Mythical Beings is one of them. It is an exciting card collection game on Ardor blockchain, with each NFT card having a unique story and value to be collected or traded. Mythical Beings Season 03 has just been launched and new games such as Battlegrounds and Elyxir are in beta with many new upcoming play-to-earn features.

Jelurida Africa - two new projects in development & almost ready for testing!

The African branch of Jelurida is glad to announce two new projects that are now in development and almost ready for testing! The first is 234 Marketplace, an African blockchain-based e-commerce platform with only cryptocurrency payment options, and the second is BlockHomes, a Real-Estate tokenization investment project for joint venture and asset listing opportunities, but with unique features of shared responsibility of success.

NFT game "Mythical Beings" to Connect to Polkadot

Mythical Beings, the NFT trading card game based on Ardor blockchain, has just launched Season 03 “The Rise of Marakihau”. In order to grow the collection and attract new users, the Mythical Beings team will introduce four new cards to the collection and partner with Kally, the Polkadot-based NFT marketplace, as covered in this CoinPost Japanese media article.

NFTMagic Now Allows Digital Artists to Attach Licenses to Their Content

NFTMagic is going to change the narrative in copyright protection in the NFT segment, as covered in these UToday and Chinese media articles. The new-gen NFT marketplace has recently announced to allow artists to attach creative commons and custom licenses to their artwork, to reduce the barriers to NFT minting and trading. NFTMagic is leveraging Ardor-Ignis blockchain, a high-performance pure PoS platform with native smart contracts for cost-efficient and clean token creation and transfer.

Mythical Beings Board Director comments on NYSE’s Trademark Application For an NFT Marketplace

The New York Stock Exchange has filed a trademark application for its own NFT marketplace, and many industry experts commented on the NYSE decision as a huge boost for the NFT industry and a validation for the underlying blockchain technology. However, it is also important to consider the difficulty of fully integrating the NYSE venture into a decentralized world of crypto. Mythical Beings Board Director, Palheiro, has been mentioned in this NFTgators article affirming that a centralized model is inadequate for the ownership and exchange of NFTs, and the NYSE’s contribution might only be about regulations, formalities, and all sorts of barriers to entry.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!