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Jelurida Weekly Wins

07 February 2022


NFTMagic - Minters Can Now Attach Custom NFT Licences to their Artwork!

NFTMagic platform, built on Ardor blockchain, is now offering NFT owners, minters and holders more control over their digital artwork by attaching licenses to the digital collectibles. As covered in these Crypto News and CoinPost articles, NFT Magic introduces a set of innovative NFT features such as custom license options that are in line with the Creative Commons copyright license standards, thus allowing wider customization, and the number may increase in the future. Besides all the licenses associated with NFTs minted via NFTMagic are freely upgradable, only made by the issuer of the NFT, but the license can never be downgraded, thus breaking the agreement between the creator and the buyer.

Happy Lunar New Year, 2022 The year of the Tiger!

On February 1, 2022, the year of the Tiger has started! We would like to wish a happy Lunar new year to all our Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities that are supporting the mainstream adoption of Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt blockchains.

Mythical Beings Season 03 begins!

Season 03 begins: The Rise of Marakihau. The days of Tarasca and Groostland, two special creatures, are long gone and their place is now taken by Marakihau, a terrible sea creature from the Maori imagination. 250 of these creatures are known to roam the oceans, and can be spotted together with other four new Mythical Beings by adventurers who risk claiming the Jackpot during Season 03! Mythical Beings, built on Ardor blockchain, landed in Ethereum sidechain Polygon in Season 02, reaching the world’s leading NFT Marketplace, OpenSea. In Season 03 the NFT game will set foot on Polkadot, the NFT marketplace KALLY, that is about to open its doors. Thanks to these collaborations, many more collectors will have access to the Mythical Beings universe!

New SIGBRO iOS version!

The newly released SIGBRO version for iOS users supports the upload of NFTMagic licenses, the latest NFT feature just launched. It supports multiple accounts, shows NFT licenses, shows bids/asks on NFTs and also enables/disables network switcher on the main screen. The Android version is coming soon. Check the new SIGBRO wallet app version now!

BATTLEGROUNDS: The P2E NFT Mythical Beings game coming soon!

Exciting news from Mythical Beings! Tarasca DAO company is about to launch the new Play-To-Earn game in the NFT Mythical Beings collection, currently in closed beta for UI development. Battlegrounds is a turn-based game on the new Layer-2 of the Ardor blockchain platform where armies of 5 Mythical Beings fight for lands to obtain valuable rewards. Besides, Elyxir, the alchemy of war has been introduced as part of the potions to boost the strength and stamina of the Mythical Beings creatures, to be prepared for mythological battles. Discover more on the Tarasca blog!

Alberto's considerations about companies' opportunities to enter the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the virtual world on which the big technology companies are betting. In this ABC economy Spanish media article, Alberto Fernandez is one of the blockchain and crypto experts interviewed to present the possible options for companies to invest in the Metaverse and the risks associated with such investments, regarding the level of exposure and volatility.

Ardor Projects’ Events Calendar in Chinese media

The weekly Ardor projects’ event calendar has been published for the Chinese community. The article covers all the upcoming new developments and the important launches that are coming soon in the Ardor-Ignis ecosystem!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!