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Jelurida Weekly Wins

31 January 2022


Bridge Champ - polished board game user interface deployed!

The development of the Bridge Champ platform is going at full speed and making significant progress! The new and elegant user interface, based among other things on beta users’ feedback, just got deployed on our beta server. Check it out now!

Jelurida Africa - Crypto can help redefine business across Africa

Experts believe that Africa is primed to lead the next wave of global crypto adoption, as the economic opportunities presented by the region are immense. This Cointelegraph article mentions Jelurida Africa managing director, Adedayo Adebajo, expressing that African countries like to consider themselves as one group, united by their lack of tangible business opportunities, as well as the lack to access high-quality banking alternatives. He also highlights that the key issue preventing crypto-based banking services from reaching the masses is the limited knowledge about blockchain technology and its true utility, which is one of the main objectives of Jelurida Africa.

Mythical Beings - One of the emerging NFT games to keep an eye on in 2022

NFT gaming is booming thanks to the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and the gamers’ familiarity with its potential, in terms of reward investment, functionality and gaming experience. This Coinpedia article lists the top 5 NFT games ready to conquer mainstream adoption and Mythical Beings, built on Ardor blockchain, is one of them. The Ardor platform offers native NFT support and advanced customization to the blockchain-based card collection game, thanks to its unique parent-child chain architecture. In December 2021, Mythical Beings have become a proper multichain game by offering support for using cards on Ignis/Ardor and Polygon/OpenSea, to expand players’ opportunities.

Alberto - One of the 7 crypto experts analysing the crypto winter

Since the price of Bitcoin has plunged more than half since the all-time highs, Alberto Fernandez is one of the blockchain and crypto experts interviewed by Business Insider España analyzing the “crypto winter” and revealing forecasts as of this moment. He explains how cryptocurrencies have proven to be more correlated than ever with the main stock market, as the tightening of the monetary policy announced by the US Federal Reserve and the last year’s increased institutional investments in crypto assets. Alberto also states that soon there’ll be some recovery in the crypto market, and no matter how much they try to ban cryptocurrencies every year, the general adoption is difficult to be stopped.

Exchange $ARDR on LetsExchange platform!

NFT projects are booming on the Ardor platform as a result of the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, great scalability and no blockchain bloat. You can now support Ardor by exchanging $ARDR KYC-free on LetsExchange, the instant cryptocurrency exchange service free of registration.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!