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Jelurida Weekly Wins

24 January 2022


Ardor- One of the Top Crypto Gaming Trends To Watch Unfold In 2022 And Beyond

Among the projects that will shape blockchain gaming in 2022, Ardor has been mentioned in this Mashable article. The fastest-growing blockchain gaming niche market is rich in play-to-earn games and the platforms on which they are built play a critical role in bringing in more users and crypto investors. Compared to many other blockchain networks, Ardor offers native support for NFTs, with no third-party dependency on smart contracts, greater decentralization, high security, and low transaction fees. Developers can utilize several built-in transaction types which provide rich functionalities, flexibility and a wide range of NFT support.

Alberto crypto opinion leader in Spanish media

Alberto Fernandez is one of the blockchain opinion leaders mentioned in several Spanish crypto media, such as El Comercio, Las Provincias, Diario SUR, and 101 Noticias. The articles contain a detailed analysis of Ethereum making its way among crypto assets for decentralized finance, the increasing market for virtual currencies and their condition of high volatility.

Jelurida Co-Founder sums up the milestones achieved in 2021 and shares his vision for 2022!

“In 2021 we transformed Jelurida from a company focused on blockchain infrastructure to a company which develops apps based on our battle-hardened technology Ardor and Ignis.” This is one of Lior Yaffe’s statements about Jelurida covered in this CoinPost article. It further illustrates a sum-up of Jelurida milestones achieved in 2021 and future initiatives in the Ardor ecosystem for 2022.

Ardor listed in the INR market on WazirX exchange!

Ardor is now available in the INR market, and you can buy, sell, and trade the ARDR/INR pair on the WazirX Indian Exchange.

Sergi presented Bridge Champ & Hybrid Networks for gaming - Watch the video!

During the latest edition of the Crypto Plaza Forum 2021 in Madrid, Sergi Baila was one of the 30+ international speakers and he represented Jelurida among more than 200 attendees. Sergi held a presentation focused on Hybrid Networks for gaming platforms and showcased Bridge Champ, one of the latest gaming projects in the Ardor-Ignis ecosystem. You can now watch the video in the original language with English subtitles.

NFT Magic - new art collections & upcoming licenses attached to NFTs

New art-themed collections and new artists are populating every day more the NFT Magic platform on Ardor blockchain. Fast-growing and fast-evolving, NFT Magic will soon launch different licenses attached to NFTs, to increase the creator and the buyer flexibility in terms of NFTs adoption.

The Senator project, an urban logistics solution co-developed by Jelurida, is making progress in 2022!

The Chinese crypto media, Orange Finance, has recently covered the Senator project, the latest-announced project in which Jelurida will collaborate with Accenture to develop several freight logistics solutions for Correos, the Spanish public tender, and the European Union. The EU-funded project had very strict requirements and Ardor blockchain technology has achieved a complete match to all of them, thanks to the PoS consensus mechanism, a public platform with low energy consumption, the multichain architecture, high-data processing capabilities, scalability, the possibility to operate in a permissioned, permissionless or hybrid manner, and the highly decentralized but secure platform.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!