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Jelurida Weekly Wins

20 December 2021


Jelurida advances into the blockchain gaming space with BridgeChamp

As an increasing number of developers begin integrating blockchain technology into their applications, a new niche of P2E and NFT games has emerged as the fastest-growing sector within the global gaming market. One of the main reasons behind this success is the players’ complete ownership of any in-game asset purchased, which grant them value in the outside world as well. Bridge Champ has been mentioned in this Coincodex article as one of 2021’s promising blockchain gaming developments from the Jelurida company. The first-of-its-kind online bridge gaming platform, Bridge Champ is now in the final phase of development, will be deployed on Ardor’s main child chain Ignis, it will include an in-game economy for registration and tournaments organization, secure video conferencing, fair gameplay and more.

Mythical Beings leverages Ardor features for NFTs mainstream adoption!

Polygon has recently been shaking up the blockchain ecosystem for its novel design to support the development of NFTs and its network. Mythical Beings is one of the many blockchain gaming projects that has started to connect to a broader audience using Polygon while leveraging Ardor blockchain native features for NFTs support. These Crypto Daily and NewsBTC articles mention Mythical Beings and the great advantage of Ardor blockchain technology native smart contracts without compromise on security, costs and centralization, which are common problems for those platforms where smart contracts are run by third-party providers. The bridge aims to bring Ardor-based NFTs collections on OpenSea, thus opening access to several other NFT marketplaces.

The GPS Ecosystem wallet is now available!

Great news for the GPS Ecosystem! The official wallet is now available for Android users, while the iOS version is being finalized! The GPS wallet is the free passport to the GPS Ecosystem Metaverse, making it easy to manage all the upcoming tokens on the GPS blockchain. Discover all the GPS wallet features like the multi-account, to send/receive crypto, NFTs and assets, to exchange tokens to GPS and the NFT marketplace.

19 or 79? With Ardor, you can enter the NFT market just like that!

In case you missed it, last week the Ardor community had a special new entry! That’s because your age or your level of technology will never be a barrier to entering the Ardor blockchain platform! Hilde Pfeiffer is a great example of how her long-life passion for art let her create an NFTs gallery collection on NFTMagic, with a selection of her favourite paintings as digital originals.

Alberto opinion leader at Radio Intereconomia

In this interview at the Radio Intereconomia Capital program, Alberto explains his opinion about the Digital Euro and its political implication as a public currency.

Jelurida to collaborate with Accenture on part of the EU-funded “Senator” freight logistics project

The recently announced EU-funded Senator project, in which Jelurida will collaborate with Accenture to develop Ardor blockchain-based solutions on governance schemes to optimally manage urban planning policies for Correos and EU, got the attention from worldwide media. The announcement got covered in many articles as Insight Finance Chinese media, CoinReaders and Xangle Korean media.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!