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Jelurida Weekly Wins

29 November 2021


The Nxt blockchain celebrates its 8th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nxt! On November 24, 2013, the Nxt blockchain was launched by Jelurida as the first pure Proof of Stake blockchain platform! In 8 years, the icon project Nxt has been running without interruption ever since. We also remind our followers that the Node Reward Program continues until the end of 2021! One month left to run a full Ardor and/or Nxt node and get the chance to be rewarded, with a total of 6000 IGNIS distributed daily. To participate in the program and support the decentralization of the network, read the dedicated page.

Jelurida Set for the Public Launch of BridgeChamp

Bridge Champ, the on-chain version of the popular online game bridge, has been recently revealed to the public to push blockchain-based online gaming. At the Red Sea International Bridge Festival in Israel, the Bridge Champ platform was presented to more than 1,000 players. They were delighted to discover this authentic new bridge experience and provided excellent suggestions, plenty of positive feedbacks, and made hundreds of new signups. As covered in this BTCManager article, the platform is still under development, but Jelurida has already launched the Bridge Champ website, the roadmap, and the whitepaper. Further, by the end of the year, most of Bridge Champ’s features will be ready to use.

Alberto presented Ardor & blockchain technology at Sant Ermengol College

Last Monday, Alberto held a conference at Sant Ermengol College to inspire students and teachers about blockchain technology. He presented the technological revolution that is transforming the world and introduced the Ardor blockchain platform. We are glad that all the audience enjoyed the discussion very much, which opened up the door for more educational collaborations in the future.

Dec 1 - The Crypto Advent Calendar by SIGBRO & NFTMagic

This December get ready for the most incredible Crypto Advent Calendar Giveaway! Starting from December 1 until Christmas, anyone can get free tokens or NFTs by using the Ardor platform! Follow SIGBRO and NFTMagic and get ready, Magic is coming!

Nov 30 - Sergi speaker at "Use cases on the adoption of blockchain technology" workshop

We are glad to announce the participation of Sergi in the Spanish workshop about use cases on the adoption of blockchain technology. On November 30, 2021, Sergi will present the last session focused on how to create NFTs and sell them on a decentralized exchange, for example, the Ardor DEX. Register and join the free online event!

New Bulgarian Ardor blog by community member As3n

The community member As3n has recently launched a new Ardor blog, independently managed and dedicated to our Bulgarian-speaking followers. Thank you for your contribution!

Mythical Beings on the Polygon network - the Era of cross-chain started for Ardor!

The Mythical Beings NFT card collection built on Ardor blockchain will soon have a bridge to OpenSea on Polygon, one of Ethereum’s Layer 2 blockchains. This article via Chinese media Orange Finance explains the impact of such integration, the benefits to card collectors, and the new dynamics of the game. To reduce the fragmented NFT space and for one of the most active sets to be counted in the main ranking pages, the Tarasca team has decided to convert Mythical Beings cards into multi-chain objects, able to move into different blockchains without losing their scarcity attributes. Thanks to Ignis smart contracts, the help of the Jelurida developers and the community member Tre, a new bridge model was designed, which turns the entire Ardor platform into a cross-chain technology.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!