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Jelurida Weekly Wins

22 November 2021


Nxt - Shaping The Cryptoverse One Milestone At A Time

After the Bitcoin whitepaper was published in 2008, several blockchain-based solutions reached important milestones defining the crypto evolution. Among the projects responsible for shaping the cryptoverse one milestone at a time, this Bitcoinist article mentions Jelurida as the pioneering company behind the Nxt blockchain. Nxt is the first pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network launched in 2013, which differs from PoW-based networks for low-energy consumption and greater scalability. Although newer platforms adopted the PoS model, Nxt remains one of the most tested and reliable blockchain platforms in the industry, playing a pivotal role in helping crypto to gain mainstream adoption.

Jelurida Gears Up For The Global Launch Of Its On-Chain Version Of The Popular Game Bridge

Continually embracing the evolving technology, the fastest-growing market of the online gaming industry is now adopting blockchain technology, thus unlocking an entirely new ecosystem of crypto, NFTs, and P2E. Bridge Champ, the first on-chain version of the casual game bridge, is more than a blockchain gaming platform, as covered in these Crypto Daily, ChainBits, and Chinese media articles. Built on Jelurida’s Ignis main child chain, Bridge Champ offers a secure and transparent online gaming experience: a social networking platform, purpose-built and fully customizable environment with open APIs for any additional feature, an in-game economy, tamper-proof achievements registration, and proven randomization to prevent cheating. To start its worldwide launch, the Bridge Champ team has presented the application during the Read Sea International Bridge Festival to register new players and demo the system.

Triffic - Tokens conversion is now LIVE!

Triffic users, who have reached level 5, can now convert their Triffic Miles to GPS tokens directly from the app. Learn more on the new Triffic website, and monetize your movement now!

Nov 25 - Sergi speaker at Crypto Plaza Forum

We are glad to announce the participation of Sergi Baila, Ardor Core Developer, speaker at the Crypto Plaza Forum, the two-day Spanish forum that every year brings together the main companies in the crypto sector. On November 25, at 15:30 CET Sergi will join the conference to share and debate about the hot topics in the blockchain industry and the future of cryptocurrencies. Get your tickets and join us!

Do you believe in NFT Magic?

The Ardor’s NFT marketplace has recently gained more attention, as covered in this dedicated article by The Cryptoleer, one of Ardor community members. Ardor is associated with high quality, security, and significant output, as well as NFT Magic: a first-class marketplace in terms of interface, navigation, and functionality. It gathers a large variety of NFTs, from Bea Sarrias artworks to Frenchie’s collectables. All NFTs transactions are efficiently conducted through the new SIGBRO wallet app, it utilizes Ignis and Bitswift for payments, and the gas fees are almost nonexistent compared to Ethereum. As a result, NFT Magic has all the necessary elements to emerge as one of the prominent NFT marketplaces in the crypto space.

Francisco joined the Smart City Expo

Last week Francisco represented Jelurida at the Smart City Expo, the world’s leading event for smart cities in Barcelona. During the three-day conference, experts and leading organizations shared their expertise and presented innovative solutions for a common goal: to build better, safer, and more inclusive cities worldwide.

Nov 22 - Alberto speaker at Sant Ermengol College to inspire students

The key to fostering innovation and future growth relies on the education of the next generations. On Monday 22, 2021, Alberto will be guest speaker at the Sant Ermengol College to inspire last-year students. The discussion will be focused on the technological revolution that is transforming the world, the future possibilities in blockchain technology, and an introduction to the Ardor platform.

Jelurida Africa Blockchain Tour - latest news from Rwanda

In the latest stops of the East Africa Blockchain Expedition in Rwanda, the Jelurida Africa team visited the Brighter Digital Group, a major tech company focused on digital trends and blockchain solutions. They also met the Rwanda ICT Chamber team and attended a virtual meeting hosted by Konza Tech to discuss joint capacity building on blockchain training, and deployment of solutions.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!