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Jelurida Weekly Wins

01 November 2021


Bridge Champ launched the Closed Beta version!

As previously announced, on October 25, 2021, Bridge Champ launched the Closed Beta version. The website has been opened for testing to a selected group of club owners, game instructors, experienced players and students. For all other users, it will be open by the end of November 2021. For this early-stage beta, prior knowledge of the contract bridge game is very important, and introductory material and tutorials will be available soon. The Bridge Champ team is rolling out this solution in stages, with the main focus on providing a modern, functional and scaling game engine with beautiful UI, including video, audio, and bots that will be attractive to players. In the meantime, the team goes on developing a complete solution for tournaments, a mobile app and, most importantly, a token economy. Big announcements are coming soon, stay tuned!

The EA Blockchain Expedition has started!

The East Africa Blockchain Expedition has officially started with the first meetings and training sessions at the HM&Y Technologies Developers Hub and at the State University in Zanzibar. Adedayo and Jelurida Africa team made a nice sum-up video, which not only presents the discussions with the main stakeholders but also shows the beautiful African locations crossed by the team on the way to Kenya. The Expedition seeks to highlight East Africa’s blockchain potential, as covered in this interesting Bitcoin News article. In this written interview, Adedayo explains what is the goal of the blockchain expedition, what was the main activator of the tour, and the expected outcomes from the overall journey.

Nov 4 - Jelurida will participate at Innoclima Marketplace

We are glad to announce that Jelurida has been selected to participate in Innoclima Marketplace, the Spanish event dedicated to showcasing innovative technological solutions and highlighting opportunities to deal with climate change to a wide audience of European stakeholders. On November 4, 2021, Francisco will present sustainable Ardor-based blockchain solutions during the pitch session, at 10:50-11:50 am CET. Registrations are open!

Mythical Beings is now on Board Game Geek & Tabletopia to play!

Since Season 2 has started, Mythical Beings is definitely keeping the momentum! This week the game has been added on Board Game Geek, the most important platform of board games in the world. That’s the perfect place where to leave your reviews. Besides, you can now play the Mythical Beings board game directly on Tabletopia, with no installing needed, just click and play! Don’t forget, the Kickstarted campaign is going to end on November 10, 2021! Back the project now!

Frenchie eighteen - the new NFT inspired by Karisma

The NFT Magic Frencies collection has recently added new NFTs artwork, as the Frenchie Eighteen inspired by Karisma, a great NFT artist, and where colours and sketches come together as one. Follow NFT Magic and discover the remarkable NFT platform based on Ardor blockchain to store your digital art pieces.

From the development of Jelurida to the evolution of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has experienced rapid development, with an increasing number of organizations fast adopting this technology. Ardor, developed and maintained by Jelurida, is one of the outstanding projects that are supporting mainstream blockchain adoption with real-world solutions, as mentioned in this Chinese article via CoinTrust. Ardor unique multichain architecture offers scalability and high-processing performance while ensuring the security of the entire network. Ardor adopts the pure PoS consensus mechanism, thus energy-efficient and significantly reducing the hardware requirements for securing the network.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!