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Jelurida Weekly Wins

25 October 2021


Jelurida Africa joined the TAIC Conference in Tanzania

Last week the Jelurida Africa team took part in the Tanzania Annual ICT Conference 2021 to foster blockchain education and exhibit Ardor, Ignis and Nxt real-world use cases. Then, the team headed to Zanzibar for the first session of the East Africa Blockchain Expedition, to address developers at the HM&Y technologies training hub. As Adedayo explains in this video, the mission of the overall expedition is to increase awareness of blockchain technology, improve the knowledge base and encourage fast adoption across all sectors. Africa is a huge fast-growing market, and Jelurida Africa got covered in this CoinPost article for promoting technological development by showcasing Ardor and Ignis blockchain to local government officials, universities, banks, and tech hubs in the 30-day expedition across many East African countries.

Jelurida utilizes blockchain for real-world use cases!

Blockchain innovation continues to grow at a rapid pace globally, with an increasing number of mainstream entities fast adopting this technology and Jelurida, among few others, is one of the companies utilizing blockchain for real-world use cases. Therefore, ChainBits mentions Jelurida as a suite of proof-of-stake blockchain platforms, and the notable Ardor ecosystem of environmental projects such as HotCity, Cycle4Value, and TreeCycle. Further, News BTC mentions Jelurida Africa to bridge the real-world gap across African regions by proving blockchain education, consultancy and top-notch solution deployments.

Oct 28 - New Ardor Event on GameFi Use Cases

We are glad to announce the next Ardor event in collaboration with Crypto Plaza Spain. Alberto Fernandez will present two Ardor GameFi use cases: Bridge Champ and Mythical Beings, both oriented to the new online gaming crypto trend “play-to-earn” model. Don’t miss the online event on Thursday - October 28, 2021, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm CET. The YouTube live session will be held in Spanish, then English subtitles will be available in the recorded video.

Ardor - one of the three blockchain initiatives worth considering

This TechNews article describes three essential factors blockchain developers should evaluate when selecting the right platform: scalability – to provide elevated throughput with safety, building prices and collaborations with similar platforms, and bug bounties to uncover blockchain vulnerabilities. Based on these standards, it then lists Ardor public blockchain as one of the top three networks worth considering. Ardor offers a collection of instruments to seamlessly build custom-made, feature-rich, and flexible child chains, while never worrying about the network security granted by the Ardor parent chain.

SIGBRO now available for iOS on AppStore

Congratulations to the SIGBRO team for this great milestone achieved! SIGBRO App is now available for iOS users on AppStore! Everyone can now enjoy the secure authentication app on Ardor blockchain for all needs: to store passphrase securely, initiate new accounts, authenticate and upload of NFTs, or check transaction details. Discover more about the great potential of the SIGBRO app!

Albero mentioned in Business Insider Spain

Many investors wonder what are the signals to better understand the trading value of crypto assets in their portfolio. Alberto is one of the blockchain experts consulted by Business Insider Spain to illustrate seven factors that define the price attractiveness of cryptocurrencies in such a highly volatile market. Indicators of crypto assets overvaluation can be a low degree of user adoption, the MVRV (Market-Value-to-Realized-Value) ratio, liquidity less than 5% of its market capitalization, non-existent innovation and development, Mayer’s Multiple, the SOPR (Spent Output Profit Ratio) values, and overly inflationary protocols. Therefore, when investing in crypto it is important to understand what are you investing in, accept the risks and learn how to manage them.

Paul from Bitswift talks about Ardor blockchain, crypto, and NFT Magic

In this informative podcast, Paul Busch, CEO of Bitswift, introduces the concepts of blockchain technology and comments on the recent crypto market dynamics. He also explains what Non-Fungible-Tokens are, why they are so valuable and their huge potential in many creative sectors. Therefore, he shows how to get started on NFTMagic, the NFT platform on Ardor blockchain. He then clarifies his idea of crypto investment, which is storing value on blockchain technology.

NFTMagic public identity verification in Chinese media

NFTMagic has always been careful to preserve the decentralized nature of Ardor blockchain technology, but decentralization doesn’t make it easy to know the user identity behind an Ardor address, thus allowing misconduct or fraud. This Chinese article covers the new feature that NFTMagic recently released as a solution to build trust between artists and the community, which is to link the Ardor/NFTMagic account to the Twitter account to become a verified account, following a few simple steps.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!