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Jelurida Weekly Wins

27 September 2021


Cycle4Value Begins Testing Its Reward Model For Promoting Cycling On Ardor

Cycle4Value, the low-threshold and transparent reward model for cyclists, has been covered in these BTC Manager and CoinPost articles. The innovative Ardor blockchain-based gamification project promotes cycling’s economic, health, and ecological benefits while rewarding users with Cycle tokens for riding. The project is currently being tested in café and shops in Graz and Krems, Austria, as outlets for users to redeem their tokens. Cycle4Value is deployed on Ardor’s main child chain, Ignis, thanks to its decentralized, flexible, and scalable infrastructure, security of the network, and an extremely energy-efficient PoS protocol, thus showcasing Ardor capabilities to support real-world use cases.

Jelurida took part in the Monaco Smart Marina Event

On September 20th, 2021, Francisco Sarrias represented Jelurida at the Monaco Smart Marina Event, as one of the 50 international startups selected by the Sustainable Smart Marina to offer innovative solutions for a sustainable ecosystem approach, and published on their official E-Catalogue 2021.

HotCity reviewed paper presented at Real Corp 2021 Conference in Vienna

The HotCity project is a clear example that gamification can be used for special energy data collection and to detect urban waste heat sources, using Ardor and Ignis blockchain technology. The detailed reviewed paper has been recently presented during the Real Corp 2021 Conference in Vienna. In particular, Ardor blockchain technology has been presented as a unique way of handling rewards systems thanks to its decentralization, transparency, security, and energy efficiency, which can be treated as a disruptive innovator for a wide range of applications.

Alberto's opinions mentioned in Spanish media

Alberto Fernandez is gaining much attention from Spanish media as major crypto and blockchain expert. Last week Alberto’s opinions got mentioned in Expansion,, Merca2, and Que articles about the market of crypto assets, digital currencies, and Bitcoin fall due to the fear of Evergrande’s suspension of payment.

Triffic new NFT feature GeoMorfs has been launched

The wait is over and the Triffic team has just released the new GeoMorfs feature, the dedicated website, and the whitepaper. GeoMorfs are revenue-generating NFTs with special attributes and unique-rewarding abilities that make it easy for players to monetize on every movement on the Triffic app. Start visiting your local area and enjoy collecting GeoMorfs!

Read the Italian guide about Ardor cryptocurrency

For our Italian-speaking community, here is a comprehensive description of the Ardor blockchain platform, based on Nxt infrastructure with unique multi-chain architecture, how it works, and how to invest in Ardor cryptocurrency.

Ardor's great consistency and security covered in Chinese media

The recent accident of instability in Solana mainnet, as part of one of the “new public chains” with fast transfers and low handling fees, made the position of Ardor blockchain even stronger. This article from the Chinese media Crypto Investment Research mentions Lior Yaffe’s tweet about Ardor's constant stability and security since its mainnet launch in 2018, which has never been compromised to provide high scalability and low transaction fees.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!