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Jelurida Weekly Wins

20 September 2021


Cycle4Value Leverages Ardor To Incentivize Cycling

With the conclusion of the successful field test in Krems and Graz, in Austria, Cycle4Value is now in full working action. The project has gained major attention and been covered in this Crypto Daily article with syndication on CoinMarketCap. Cycle4Value is a transparent and low-threshold reward model for the promotion of cycling powered by the energy-efficient PoS blockchain Ardor network and Ignis child chain. Cycle tokens are implemented as utility tokens, which can then be exchanged for goods and services. The Cycle4Value project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection as part of the FTI program Mobility of the Future and is managed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. Many organizations are collaborating on the project, such as Bike Citizens, one of the leading bike apps in Europe, and technical partners as the Danube University Krems, Verkehrsplanung, Seewald Solutions, and Jelurida, to offer a comprehensive solution to reduce traffic, enhance health and reduce carbon emissions while rewarding participants. The project is fully described in this reviewed paper presented at the Real Corp 2021 Conference in Vienna.

Jelurida took part in BxCat "Blockchain for Catalonia"

Our team members Francisco Sarrias and Sergi Baila represented Jelurida in BxCat, the Blockchain for Catalonia event on September 17, 2021. They presented Ardor and Nxt blockchains, the outstanding real-world use cases in the Ardor ecosystem, and networked with other innovative companies for future business opportunities.

Lior's opinion on ETH 2.0 security

In one of its recent articles, Decrypt media mentioned Lior Yaffe’s expert opinion on the matter of Ethereum 2.0 PoS security. The long-planned upgrade to the Ethereum network still aims to solve the problems related to the network’s scalability and security, which Ardor blockchain steadily offers since its launch in 2018, thanks to its unique multichain architecture.

Triffic 2.0.5 version has been released

Triffic 2.0.5 version has been recently released and will be available soon on Google Play and App Store. Find out what’s new and stay tuned, exciting news coming soon!

Ardor is available for trading at 7b crypto app

We are glad to announce that Ardor is available for trading on 7b, the crypto broker app which offers a wide range of trading instruments in a simple form. Download the app and start trading ARDR easily!

Sept 25 - Mythical Beings boardgame will be presented at Galician Boardgame event

On September 25, 2021, the Mythical Beings team will participate in the Fogar do Santiso, the Board Games Fair in Galicia, where they will present the board game and teach the participants how to play.

Bridge Champ updates covered in Chinese media

The public beta version of Bridge Champ, the first on-chain application of the bridge game developed by Jelurida, is coming soon. Therefore, the recent updates on the Bridge Champ development progress by Lior Yaffe got covered in this Chinese media. The focus is on finalizing the Bridge Champ inner game mechanisms. Tournament setup, game bots, user monitoring, and NFT rewards will be gradually released after the beta version. Next, the blockchain interface will be tacked using the IGNIS tokens. The platform will function as a centralized crypto-fiat exchange and will support withdrawals and rewards distribution while offering services as high-level APIs. The final goal is to make Bridge Champ interfacing with Ardor, its child chains, and its assets as simple as possible to promote mainstream adoption.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!