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Jelurida Weekly Wins

13 September 2021


Alberto guest speaker at RTVE & Radio Intereconomía

Last week, Alberto was guest speaker at RTVE, the main national Spanish TV channel. During the live interview, he discussed the worldwide adoption of crypto as digital currency, referring to El Salvador’s decision. Moreover, during the “Investment Time” program at Radio Intereconomia, Alberto reflected on the evolution of main cryptocurrencies, and the meaning of El Salvador’s implementation of Bitcoin as legal tender. Further, he mentioned Ardor blockchain as a remittance solution with ATMs based in Singapore, thanks to Coalculus, the blockchain financial services platform on Ardor blockchain. In case you missed it, you can listen to the recorded session published by IEB Spain.

NFTMagic- New feature for Ardor account name

Real magic is taking place on Ardor blockchain! NFTMagic has recently released a new exciting feature: the possibility for users to set or change their Ardor account name from the account page in a few simple steps. All actions on NFTMagic are secured by the SIGBRO app, which iOS version is coming soon! Stay tuned, and follow the magic!

Mythical Beings is doing great in Ardor ecosystem

Since its launch, Mythical Beings is achieving great success! The NFT trading card collection game on Ardor blockchain already sold more than 8,500 NFTs, and Ana Santiso’s artworks and the Beings’ cultural values have been distributed worldwide. That is the authentic proof that the Ardor ecosystem is contributing to mainstream blockchain adoption with real-world use cases.

Sept 17 - Jelurida will participate in BxCAT

We are glad to announce our participation in BxCat, the Blockchain for Catalonia event on September 17, 2021. We’ll have the opportunity to present Ardor and Nxt blockchain networks, the outstanding Ardor ecosystem and to create great synergies with other pioneering and innovative companies.

Can Ardor-based project Mythical Beings create a new NFT trend?

At the moment, NFT is undoubtedly the hottest niche in the blockchain and crypto market. The high trading volume, activity, and many crazy pumps are signals of the rapid-changing market, but still the most capital and intelligence-intensive section, which evolved into a “bottom-up” new paradigm. The Chinese media 1Bit Finance explains in this article why Mythical Beings might be the next NFT model able to blow up the market. Mythical Beings, developed by Tarasca Art&Games on Ardor blockchain, is unique in combining the game and the cultural values, while players are encouraged to strategically collect high-level cards get profit from it, and complete the game. Further, Ardor’s high-performing technology offers players the best blockchain experience.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!