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Jelurida Weekly Wins

06 September 2021


Gallery Defender - Final Paper on the Serious Game Research Prototype

The collaboration with Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, post-doc fellow at Comparative Media Studies at MIT and Senior Researcher at Donau-Univeristät Krems, leads to several projects as a result of applied studies on Ardor and Ignis blockchain technologies, and Gallery Defender is one great example. The abstract on the Research Prototype shows how Ardor blockchain has been integrated into a serious game for the assessment of student's knowledge while offering guidelines for future projects development in education.

Mythical Beings - the simplest NFTs direct exchange

NFTs can be exchanged with users from all over the world on the DEX, but Mythical Beings offers you the coolest and simplest feature, that is to directly exchange your NFTs face-to-face with your friends! Just click “Send Card” and scan your friend’s QR code. Get on board and enjoy trading your green NFTs!

One year ago - HotCity project won the Austrian Blockchain Award

On August, 28th 2020, at the Austrian Blockchain Award Ceremony, the HotCity project won in the category “Research” as a sustainable energy project using gamification, powered by the Ardor blockchain technology, that aims to crowdsource tracking waste heat and redirecting the energy into the neighborhoods. The researchers recently published the abstract of the newest paper, which will be published soon!

How to get started with Ardor

To support our users and community members to easily and quickly navigate across the extensive resources of the Ardor ecosystem, Jelurida Africa has published this document as a useful reference for you! Discover how to get started with Ardor and Ignis blockchain and, in case you need further information, join the Ardor and Nxt technical discussion forum.

Ardor & Nxt - The eco-friendly blockchain projects covered in Chinese media

The high energy consumption of the Proof-of-work consensus mechanism compared to proof-of-stake still attracts widespread attention worldwide. Therefore, this Chinese article covers the top five environmentally-friendly PoS-based blockchain projects that are now available on the market and, in particular, Ardor and Nxt. In 2013 Jelurida launched the first pure PoS blockchain platform, Nxt, and in 2018, the first multi-chain network, Ardor. Both rely entirely on a 100%-PoS consensus mechanism with low energy consumption and they easily work on any desktop or mobile device, without compromising on the security of the whole network, high interoperability, and scalability.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!