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Jelurida Weekly Wins

23 August 2021


NFTMagic - the NFT Marketplace on Ardor Blockchain

This CoinPost article highlights the key aspects of NFT Magic, the clean, affordable, and complete NFT marketplace on Ardor blockchain. Anyone can publish a wide variety of digital productions, buy and sell NFTs with very low fees, and rely on a secure environment thanks to the SIGBRO app integration. SIGBRO functions as a crypto wallet and secure digital ID authentication to upload and trade NFTs on NFTMagic or other services on the Ardor platform. In addition, several Ardor-based NFT-related products and games are in advanced stages, as Bridge Champ, Mythical Beings, and Triffic, which will launch soon GeoMorfs, the revenue-generating NFTs.

Mythical Beings weekly contest

Mythical Beings is the Ardor blockchain-based card collection game, where each card incorporates unique educational, cultural, and artistic values, on top of the NFT trading game. A new weekly contest has been launched to learn which culture discovered with Mythical Beings is loved most among the community. Join Mythical Beings contests and get the chance to be rewarded with NFT gifts!

Bridge Champ - big progress is being made

Bridge Champ as the first on-chain application of the strategy card game Bridge, developed by Jelurida, is making big progress to achieve the milestones recently announced in its updated roadmap. The team is finalizing the Bridge Champ web and mobile UI, and the video/audio integration. Stay tuned, exciting news coming soon!

SIGBRO iOS version coming soon on App Store

SIGBRO, the secure authentication app on Ardor blockchain, is about to release the iOS version, which will be available soon on the App Store. Easy to use and energy-efficient, SIGBRO is the one personal app for all users’ needs: to store passphrase securely, initiate new accounts, authentication and upload of NFTs, check transaction details and let users sign any Ardor transaction locally. It also supports account creation, tx history, balance view, and mobile push- or email transaction notifications. Besides, it works with any app or website that uses the Ardor and SIGBRO API, or apps can be integrated. Discover more about the great potential of the SIGBRO app and its exciting solutions for web and UI developers.

Mythical Beings in the NFT booming market covered in Chinese media

This article from the Chinese media Block Consensus covers Mythical Beings and how, as an Ardor-based NTF card game, it can break through the NFT booming market. NFTs are revolutionizing the current art circulation pattern and becoming a bridge between creators and audiences. Mythical Beings NFTs are not just artwork, but also play an important role in historical inheritance. Together with the card collection incentive measures, they further encourage users to collect NFTs and thus increase their value. Tarasca chose to deploy the Mythical Beings project on Ardor blockchain thanks to its low transaction fees and its unique multi-chain architecture, which ensures, compared to other blockchains, high performance and scalability, strong data processing capabilities, and security of the network.