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Jelurida Weekly Wins

16 August 2021


Mythical Beings Taps Ardor as an NFT Blockchain and Gains Momentum

In the NFT industry, many hidden gems could be left undiscovered for those who just pay attention to the trading volume. Mythical Beings is a fascinating NFT trading card collection on the rise, as covered in these ChainBits and Crypto Daily articles. Based on the gamification associated with artistic, educational, and cultural values, its long-term plan represents a tremendous market potential for Mythical Beings NFTs. The exclusivity of the game and the incentives to complete the first-season card collection by October 1 have generated a high volume of smart contracts sales. Therefore, Mythical Beings is now one of the most active NFT projects in the industry, and a real-world use case on Ardor blockchain.

Jelurida joins the Monaco Smart Marina - Startups Competition on Sept 20

We are glad to announce that Jelurida has been selected by Sustainable Smart Marina as one of the 50 international startups referenced to highlight innovative solutions for a sustainable ecosystem approach, and published on their official Monaco Smart Marina E-Catalogue 2021. Moreover, Jelurida will take part in the Startups Competition on September 20th, 2021, where 15 selected organizations will present to the Grand Jury their new solutions and innovative technologies, and get the chance to win the Monaco Smart Marina Awards. The event is supported by Credit Suisse, Bombardier, SBM Offshore, Teledyne, and NGE Connect, as well as the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Yacht Club de Monaco, and the Monaco Government’s digital transformation program, Extended Monaco.

Ignis research studies covered in Chinese media

Ignis blockchain has been utilized as a demonstration tool in two research studies conducted by Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, post-doc fellow at Comparative Media Studies at MIT and Senior Researcher at Donau-Univeristät Krems. As covered in this Chinese article, the first one is a demonstration experiment in the creative industry, to test whether the issuance of NFTs can be used to support the authenticity of items. The second examination within the media and publishing industry analyses the feasibility to use digital IDs to guarantee the authenticity of the source material.

NFTMagic - new page & new NFTs now available

NFTMagic, the complete platform for uploading, storing, and trading your NFTs on the Ardor blockchain, is making great progress and has just launched a brand-new page for the latest actions, where you can learn more about bids, trades, and the newly-created NFTs.

Ardor and Nxt Node rewards are ongoing

The Node Reward Program continues until September 30th, 2021! Run a full Ardor and/or Nxt node, support the decentralization of the network and get the chance to be rewarded, with a total of 6000 IGNIS distributed daily. To participate in the program, follow the instructions on the dedicated page.