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Jelurida Weekly Wins

28 June 2021


Lior speaker at Super Crypto Conference - watch the video

On June 17th, 2021, Lior was panel speaker at Super Crypto Conference 2021 for Southeast Asia with Lex Na, CEO of Bountie, and the moderator Audrey Nesbitt, Head of Marketing at CryptoChicks. During the session about Blockchain in Gaming/Art and NFTs, Lior presented Bridge Champ, the upcoming online bridge card game project in the Ardor ecosystem. In case you missed the conference, you can watch the video of the recorded session.

Ignis news covered in Japanese crypto media

Ignis is getting good traction, with many great projects moving forward in the Ardor & Ignis ecosystem. As covered in this CoinPost article, Mythical Beings is a unique example of an NFT card collection game. It has recently launched Season 1 and combines the development of art with educational objectives for players to familiarize with mythical creatures of the world. Besides, Ignis is now available for trading on Bitrue exchange with the following market pair: IGNIS/XRP. More news coming soon, stay tuned!

Adedayo speaker at Digital Africa Conference - watch the video

On June 23rd, Adedayo took part in the Digital Africa Conference 2021 as panel speaker on the theme “Blockchain to the rescue”. The discussion moved from crypto regulations in Nigeria, the importance of education on blockchain technology, to the wider adoption of blockchain in many different sectors, like supply chain and health care, and new crypto legal tender, such as El Salvador's case. Watch the video of the full session.

Jelurida Africa's workshop "Blockchain in Education"

The latest Jelurida Africa event consisted of one-day training dedicated to “Blockchain in Education” for African university delegates. Adedayo presented the benefits of blockchain technology applied in the education sector and the importance of tamper-proof certificates that can be issued on customized blockchain platforms.

GiveSafely welcomes a new charity - Children Inc.

GiveSafely, the Ardor blockchain-based charity donation platform, welcomes Children Inc in its ecosystem. Children Inc is an international non-profit organization that provides basic necessities, educational support, and better opportunities to children living in poverty in the United States and abroad.

Cycle4Value covered in Chinese media

Environmental protection does not only require the participation of enterprises, but also a change in consumers’ habits. A great example, covered in this Chinese media, is Cycle4Value, the Ardor-Ignis blockchain-based reward application that promotes regular cycling and considers the economic, ecological, and health benefits/effects. The project has a transparent monetized reward system where the collected data are verified, converted into Cycle tokens, stored in a decentralized digital wallet, and can be redeemed in a marketplace or donated to charity projects. Once again, Ardor blockchain technology represents an energy-saving solution, thanks to its PoS algorithm, for data protection, verification, and transaction processing.