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Jelurida Weekly Wins

31 May 2021


Ardor - the green PoS chain contender

Lior has been recently interviewed by Inside Bitcoins crypto media. He discussed which implications could have the Bitcoin’s miners going offline, its intensive energy footprint, and the green impulse in the crypto space to move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Regarding ETH 2.0, Lior considers the blockchain switch to PoS very risky, therefore not happening anytime soon and still keeping some PoW elements. On the contrary, Ardor blockchain, based on Nxt technology with PoS protocol, already solves the problems that Ethereum is still trying to tackle with its ETH 2.0 upgrade: energy-green protocol to maintain the security of the network, lightweight smart contracts, scalability and interoperability, and out-of-the-box privacy features.

June 2 - Lior speaker at TAB Israel Business Forum

Don’t miss Lior Yaffe speaking at TAB – Israel Business Forum about blockchain startups’ challenges and opportunities. Lior will share his experience as Jelurida Co-founder and core developer of Ardor blockchain technology and offer some practical advice for anyone considering to join the crypto industry. The free online event in English will take place on June 2nd, 2021 at 4 pm CEST. Register here to join the session.

Nxt - a notable milestone in Bitcoin's cycles

To understand the potential future price growth of an instrument, it’s important to analyze the drivers, and the evolution of Bitcoin cycles over time is a strong indicator, among others. In these Value Walk, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo Finance articles, Nxt blockchain has been mentioned as one notable milestone that has influenced Bitcoin’s price. Nxt is the first pure PoS consensus algorithm implemented, reliable, and energy-efficient, with no successful attacks since its launch in 2013.

June 22-24- Adebajo panelist at Digital Africa Conference

We are happy to announce that Adebajo Adedayo, Jelurida Africa managing director, will be panelist at the 9th edition of the Digital Africa Conference 2021 on the theme “Building a new Africa with AI and blockchain”. The three-day conference will offer participants a major opportunity for networking and privileged access to strategic partners, investors, and potential buyers. Register now!

Alberto & Francisco presented "How to get started with Ardor"

On May 20th, 2021, Alberto and Francisco held an interesting online event, in collaboration with Crypto Plaza Spain, and presented everything you need to know to get started with Ardor. Step-by-step, they explained how to create an Ardor account, how to buy Ardor using credit or debit cards, how to use Ardor coin exchange, and other basic transactions. In case you missed the live session, you can now watch the video!

GPS Pay Beta tester version is now available

Following its successful launch, the GPS Pay beta tester version is now available. Download the App for Android or iOS and start converting your Triffic rewards into crypto. More exciting news coming soon, stay tuned!

Ardor v2.3.4 & Triffic covered in Chinese media

This Chinese media covers the new Ardor release v.2.3.4 and the launch of the GPS Pay App, the new payment function integrated with the geo-location AR game Triffic, based on Ardor blockchain technology. Now, users can convert their Triffic rewards into GPS virtual currency to pay for local goods and services. Moreover, the Triffic roadmap highlights the upcoming implementation of the NFT marketplace for trading virtual land and an NFT exchange integrated into the Ardor/Ignis ecosystem.