Jelurida Weekly Wins

24 May 2021


New Ardor 2.3.4 version has been released

We are glad to announce that the new Ardor version 2.3.4 has been released, including multiple improvements and maintenance upgrades! It consists of several optimizations about the Ledger Nano X and S hardware identification, contract runner transactions, transaction bytes verification, connectivity and performance issues, and many other UI fixes. This stable release is an optional but recommended upgrade to all users.

GPS Pay App Launched for In-Game Triffic Rewards Payment

The AR game Triffic, which is one of Ardor’s child-chains in Jelurida’s ecosystem, has recently announced the integration with the GPS Pay App, as covered in these CoinPost and OurBitcoinNews articles. The GPS Pay combination will allow users to convert the in-game beacon rewards into virtual currency for payment of goods and services in the local economy while interacting with the Ardor/Ignis ecosystem. Besides, in Q1 2022, the app will feature a decentralized NFT market for users to buy and sell virtual land on the Triffic map, and land ownership will be recorded as NFT on the Ardor-based GPS token blockchain.

Ardor Gives Rise to Real-World Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Ardor blockchain is considered a remarkable exception in the industry for tapping unexplored potential in enterprise blockchain real-world solutions, as covered in this Crypto News Flash article. What makes Ardor unique is its multi-chain architecture, which offers ready-to-use applications on Ignis, Ardor’s main child-chain, and customizable child-chains as well. This exclusive approach provides scalability and prevents blockchain bloat. Triffic, HotCity, and TreeCoin are few examples of enterprise projects in Ardor’s ecosystem.

TreeCycle - The New Name for TreeCoin Project

TreeCoin, the Swiss-based global project seeking to implement sustainable and profitable reforestation in Paraguay, with a dual-token mechanism relying on Ardor blockchain technology, is evolving over time. Therefore, the new project name “TreeCycle” suggests a shift from a heavily financial-focused business to a deeper orientation on sustainable harvest cycles reforestation while growing financial futures. Discover more about the project and visit their new website!

Francisco at Digital Enterprise Show 2021

Francisco joined the Digital Enterprise Show 2021 representing Jelurida at the three-day event in Madrid. The conference is one of the major events on digital transformation, technology, and business, where our Sales Senior Engineer explored cutting-edge technology potentials and met relevant stakeholders to discuss future business opportunities.

Tarasca - Mythical Beings invitation system for S01 has started

The first season of Mythical Beings is about to begin by invitation only. Beta testers and a limited number of collectors can share their invitations, take new users onboard, and earn 10% of their spending on cards. The referral system is simple, learn more on Tarasca article.

Alberto comments on Bitcoin Price Variation

Bitcoin price fluctuations create huge interest and concerns in the crypto world, and blockchain industry professionals share their opinions about Bitcoin’s price variation. Among others, Alberto Fernandez, Software Engineer at Jelurida and professor at IEB in blockchain and financial innovation program, got mentioned in these Spanish media articles, La Información and Intereconomia.

Ardor exceeds 3000 Online Nodes & DeFi Systematic Risks

This Chinese media Thunder Finance article covers the recent tweets of Lior Yaffe, who connects a past experience about Nxt public blockchain to today’s bull market of DeFi projects competition: the code quality cannot be guaranteed and the probability of smart contracts’ systematic risks is increasing dramatically. On the contrary, Ardor blockchain focuses on security and has recently exceeded 3.000 online nodes, contributing to the decentralization of the network.