Jelurida Weekly Wins

17 May 2021


Lior mentioned on Bitcoin's Upcoming TapRoot Upgrade

The Taproot engineering solution, expected by the end of this year, can provide several improvements to the Bitcoin protocol and its ecosystem. It proposes significant privacy measures, to reduce transaction data size thus making transactions cheaper, faster, and easier to deploy, and eventually allow for the deployment of smart contracts. As mentioned in these Cointelegraph and articles, Lior Yaffe pointed out that Taproot can ease the conversion of complex Bitcoin transactions, which are designed to prioritize the privacy of users. He also considers these upgrades as an all-in attempt to make the Lightning network a mainstream payment platform, with no meaningful short-term price impact.

Nxt - One of the Answers to Bitcoin's Enormous Energy Footprint

Bitcoin PoW protocol can only sustain its network security by consuming a huge amount of energy, which is not sustainable, as recently expressed in one of Musk’s tweets. Aside from Elon’s motives, the crypto industry promptly responded by highlighting the sustainable solutions that already address this obstacle and the reality of blockchain innovation. This Bitcoin News article mentioned, among others, the Nxt and its multichain spinoff Ardor, as the first pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) open-source blockchain since 2013, which needs very limited power consumption and computational resources for validating transactions and maintaining a decentralized token of value.

Ardor Gains Momentum in Real-World Enterprise Blockchain Scenarios

Jelurida’s Ardor blockchain shows how this technology can tackle pressing real-world problems with enterprise solutions on a small scale, as covered in this BTCmanager article. The Ardor ecosystem, thanks to its multi-chain architecture, provides scalability, prevents blockchain bloat, and offers customizable child-chains, for various use-case applications. Triffic, one of Ardor’s child chains, is a great example of blockchain potential in the loyalty rewards industry segment, where blockchain technology is combined with users’ and stores’ convenience.

Tarasca New Auction & Voting

Tarasca just concluded its second round of Mythical Beings NFTart auction on Ardor blockchain. The Trempulcahue is a beautiful artwork about the Mapuche, a South American myth of death and care in the afterlife, painted by Ana Santiso and sold for 5.1k IGNIS. In the meantime, the community can vote which artwork will be auctioned next, among four options.

Ardor Now Available on Guardarian & Stealth Exchange

We are glad to announce that Ardor is now available on Guardarian crypto-fiat exchange and on Stealth exchange, offering new additional options to our Ardor enthusiasts.

SIGBRO Auth - a new Ardor Authentication Method for dApps & UIs

The new SIGBRO Auth API is a documented method for developers to exploit the Ardor blockchain-based login and authentication method to their dApps, wallets, and UIs. You can find more information about the SIBGRO and how it works on its dedicated page.

GPS Pay Beta Payments App in Chinese Media

The Launch of the GPS Pay Beta Payment App by Coinerz Group, the creators of the Triffic and GPS Pay projects on Ardor’s ecosystem, has been covered in this Chinese media. GPS Pay aims to support users’ Triffic rewards as tokens for local payments and integrate the innovative gamification mechanism. The app features a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and an NFT market for users to buy and sell virtual land on the Triffic map, with a built-in earnings model for users holding virtual titles to the real-world land.