Jelurida Weekly Wins

25 April 2021


Watch Lior and Sergi at Global Summit for Java Devs 2021

Lior and Sergi took part as senior speakers at the latest Global Summit for Java Devs by Geekle, on March 31st, 2021. Lior presented the Bridge Champ blockchain-based online gaming server implemented in Java, a modern approach to the interactive game design and token-based incentive system. Sergi showcased the Ardor internal architecture as a blockchain Java use case, from the inception until having a decentralized network of more than 1.000 Ardor nodes worldwide. Finally, they answered several questions about Ardor and the blockchain/crypto space in general as part of the Q&A session of the Java conference.

Anna at Blockchain Life Forum 2021 in Moscow

Anna joined the Blockchain Life Forum 2021 representing Jelurida at the two-day exhibition in Moscow. She collected lots of insights, fresh solutions and innovative ideas while networking with blockchain executives and crypto enthusiasts.

Coalculus signed MOU with GSTechnologies

Coalculus and Wise MPay recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GSTechnologies, the global technology investment company for ICT solutions, thus formalizing their strategic partnership. The aim is to jointly manage and contribute to higher growth of cooperative business areas focused on blockchain technology, particularly in the banking and wider financial services sector. The alliance confirms both companies' goal to be at the forefront of the next wave of financial services, through the application of blockchain technology.

Jelurida Africa concluded Blockchain Meetups

In the last few months, Jelurida Africa has conducted a series of educational meetups to provide learning opportunities and to share practical applications of blockchain technology in different African countries, as covered in this CoinPost article.
Several experts joined the discussion, which has covered blockchain topics in many sectors and industries. Adedayo Adebajo, head of Jelurida Africa, welcomed Charles Chale, a representative of the Tanzania branch for the "Blockchain & Real Estate" meetup; Ezra Vasquez-D'Amico, CEO of GiveSafely, at the Kenyan meetup on "Blockchain & Charity"; and for the final session in Ghana about "Blockchain & FinTech", Adedayo moderated the discussion with Foster Awintiti Akugri, head of Hacklab Foundation, and Roselyine Wanjiru, head of marketing at Pesabase. In case you missed the Jelurida Africa meetups, watch the videos on YouTube.

How to buy Ardor – Guide on Benzinga

Ardor is a unique blockchain project that combines the 100% PoS consensus algorithm energy-efficiency with the network security, a multi-chain architecture with multiple built-in functionalities, and a secure infrastructure with the high flexibility and scalability. Following this guide by Benzinga, it is possible to learn more about Ardor blockchain project, its coin and how to add it step-by-step to your portfolio.

BogoShipo tokens are deployed

The BogoShipo $BOGO BEP20 tokens have been deployed for the blockchain pet game and they will be soon added for in-game tokens secured by the Ardor platform. More news are coming soon, stay tuned!

Ardor & Nxt Node Reward Program & over 2K online nodes

Ardor's elegant design allows many use cases and opens the door for mainstream industries to adopt the blockchain technology. Thanks to its multi-chain architecture, it effectively improves transaction speed while keeping fees at very low range, as mentioned in this Chinese article. Ardor has recently reached 2000 global online nodes, however a decentralized network is the key value for stability and security of the blockchain technology. Therefore, Jelurida incentivizes the increase of distributed nodes by renewing the Ardor and Nxt Node Reward Program until June 30th, 2021 with a total reward of 6000 IGNIS distributed daily. If you are interested in participating in the program, please visit the dedicated page.