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Jelurida Weekly Wins

19 April 2021


BitSwift Canadian Dollar stablecoin on Ardor

The BitSwift platform recently provided an additional solution to expand its accessibility options: a Canadian Dollar stablecoin on Ardor blockchain. The BCAD is a stable token relying on the BitSwift blockchain, one of Ardor’s child chains, for utilization throughout BitSwift products and services. Its value stability is pegged to the Canadian Dollar (CAD) and it can be purchased via by credit card or email money transfer, as well as traded on the decentralized blockchain with any Ardor’s child chain token.

Alberto speaker at the EU Policy Breakfast on blockchain funding

On April 14th, Alberto took part at the 5th EU Policy Breakfast discussing with other major speakers about the state of the Spanish blockchain ecosystem and what measures could be taken by the EU to fund the blockchain sector to the next level. During the session many insights were gathered, such as the severe lack of funding leads and the lack of mature blockchain startups in specific fields as supply chain and self-sovereign identity. Alberto suggested the “Bottom-up” approach to sustain the growth of the fragmented blockchain ecosystem, rather than “top down” with which the public funding often lands on large consulting companies or international Venture Capitalists. Therefore, leading steps could be taken: improving the education level, funding channeled to underdeveloped use cases or specific projects (POCs) and directly to startups, public procurement, data-driven policy making to support innovation based on ecosystem metrics and the EU token to be used internally on startup investments.

June 17 – Lior speaker at Super Crypto Conference

We are glad to announce the participation of Lior as panel speaker at the Super Crypto Conference 2021 for Southeast Asia, on June 17th, 2021. During the full-day program, FinTech and Blockchain companies will discuss new tech opportunities and insights with key opinion leaders and crypto enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance and register now!

Tarasca – Ana Santiso’s artworks in the Ardor blockchain

Ana Santiso, who is collaborating with Tarasca DAO since 2018, was the first artist realize Mythical Beings paintings, registered copyrights and tokenized her physical artworks into NFTs for successful auctions in the Ardor blockchain. Last week, Francisco from Jelurida had a meeting with Ana and Palheiro to support the upcoming Tarasca Mythical Beings public launch.

New BogoShipo website is live!

Discover the new BogoShipo website, with new design and details about the blockchain pet game. You can play by adopting a pet from shelter, care for pets or play mini-games. Each pet is a unique asset and the in-game BOGO token, secured on the Ardor Blockchain, can be used to buy accessories or services. BogoShipo is a true blockchain game, near serverless and with NFTs for pet memorial.

The development trend of the blockchain 3.0 era

Lior’s vision on the development of blockchain 3.0 and the future of DLT has been covered in Chinese media. Existing architectures suffer from two major limitations: every transaction must be stored forever and must be processed by every node. On Ardor blockchain, a superior solution has been adopted, that is to split the public chain into child chains and each one focused on its own application. This allows to reduce the expensive cross shard transactions, since it aligns with the actual usage. Different solutions can be the L2, but with limited use cases and not ready for production yet. Hence, the Ardor blockchain technology represents an industry-leading solution providing high scalability, security and processing speed at low cost for all on-chain operations.