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Jelurida Weekly Wins

05 April 2021


Ardor & Nxt Node Reward Program is continuing!

One year ago we started the Ardor and Nxt Node Rewards program and it has been running with great success since then. Now the program has been extended for three more months. Join the thousands of Ardor and/or Nxt nodes, be a part of truly decentralized networks, and get a chance to be rewarded! 6000 IGNIS are distributed daily! How to participate: Node Reward Program tutorial

Bridge Champ Launch Roadmap covered by CoinPost Japan

Last week we announced the launch roadmap of Bridge Champ which has been extensively covered by crypto media. This week our newest project connecting the popular Bridge card game with the blockchain has also been received a dedicated article in CoinPost Japan.

Getting Started with Ardor - Episode 10

The last episode of the series "Ten things to know about Ardor" describes how easy it is to get started with Ardor thanks to the tutorials, guides, and detailed technical documentation on ArdorDocs. Regardless if you are a Java developer, a crypto user, or just a curious blokchain enthusiast, this is the best place to discover the Ardor experience.

Jelurida Africa New Meetups

Jelurida Africa is well known for its activities and blockchain initiatives in Nigeria and throughout Africa. Lately it has been organizing new meetups with the goal to raise awareness of the blockchain application in different sectors. Two meetups have already passed - Blockchain in Charity and Blockchain in Fintech, and the most active participants rewarded with Ignis. Don't miss out any of the future events: follow Jelurida Africa and stay tuned.

Tarasca's Mythical Beings 2021 Roadmap promoted on Wechat

Mythical Beings - the Ardor blockchain based card collection game by Tarasca Art and Games has recently released its roadmap with official launch planned for May 1st. Now it has been also promoted on Wechat. Our Chinese community can follow our official Wechat account and be up to date with all news about this and other projects building on Ardor!

Buy ARDR, IGNIS, NXT with credit card on Freewallet thanks to Simplex integration

Thanks to the recent integration with Simplex, users can buy ARDR, IGNIS and NXT with fiat directly from our website or using the services of the many Simplex partners. One of them is Freewallet and you can buy all our coins from their website or straight in the Freewallet app.