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Jelurida Weekly Wins

22 March 2021


New Ignis & Nxt integrations with Simplex

We are glad to announce a deeper strategic collaboration with Simplex, the market-leading fiat infrastructure for crypto onramps. Users can now purchase IGNIS, the currency of Ardor’s permissionless child chain, and NXT, the native currency of the iconic first pure proof of stake blockchain, through Jelurida’s website or Simplex’s extensive partner network. The ability to buy tokens using credit or debit cards is an important component for any blockchain-based casual gaming platform, such as our Bridge Champ project. The Simplex solution also provides many useful benefits for our partners and projects building on Ignis or Nxt.
Thanks to the Jelurida and Simplex partnership, an important milestone has been reached. Now all Jelurida’s ecosystems, Ardor, Ignis and Nxt, are supported by Simplex for everyone to conveniently access cryptocurrencies and start experimenting with these technologies and the native assets of each platform. The further strategic collaboration between Jelurida and Simplex has been covered in many crypto publications as Crypto News Flash, CoinCheckup, Blockspot, Cryptomode,, OurBitcoinNews, Chainwire, and ZyCrypto.

Jelurida’s partnership with Simplex will promote more effective blockchain applications

The Jelurida’s ecosystems integrations with Simplex’s crypto-fiat exchange tools is a winning combination, as mentioned in this Chinese article. Ardor’s design and parent- child chain settings drive more types of digital assets and through this model users will be able to benefit from the key functionality provided by our products. 

Tarasca DAO Mythical Beings – 2021 Roadmap

Tarasca DAO has recently released the Mythical Beings 2021 roadmap. After the successful public test, the first milestone was reached with the launch of the new website. Next month the final public test will take place with new Smart Contract improvements, ready for the Official Launch of the trading card game – Season 1 announced on May 1st, 2021, with complete redesign and integration of the Mythical Beings wallet. Don’t miss any project development news, stay tuned!

Jelurida Africa’s virtual meetup on Blockchain in Governance & Politics

On March 20th, Jelurida Africa hosted the third African meetup focused on Blockchain in Governance and Politics, virtually held in Nigeria and following the Tanzanian and Rwandan sessions in the previous weekends. The focus will be on blockchain applications in Governance with more emphasis on the African public sectors. Two more African countries will be next, Ghana and Kenya to conclude the first series of Jelurida Africa Blockchain Meetups.

Ardor Coin Shuffling – Episode 8

The eighth episode of our educational series “Ardor – 10 things you need to know” illustrates the Coin Shuffling System, an important Ardor’s built-in privacy feature. Coin Shuffling enables users to mix assets, currencies or child chain token funds (as long as the child chain has enabled such feature) quickly and efficiently with other users’ funds by creating a random mapping between the existing user accounts and a new recipient accounts provided by the users. Find out more on our shuffling page.

Watch the video of the BlockPool Bootcamp

Francisco Sarrias was panel moderator at the Blockpool Bootcamp session about blockchain commercialization strategies on February 25th. Together with three panelists, Mobolaji Onibudo - CEO at Digital Transaction Services, Owen McCall - TreeCoin Marketing Director, and Shayne Tan - Co-Founder & CMO at Coalculus Blockchain, they discussed the readiness of corporates and public administrations for decentralized solutions and what are the obstacles to sell blockchain-based projects to traditional business. Further, they addressed CIO’s willingness to buy blockchain solutions whether in short-term period or in 2023 as Gartner predicts, and the market propensity for public and hybrid solutions. Watch the video of the recorded session here.

Ardor blockchain & TreeCoin for sustainable & profitable forests

From the increasing market need for industrial wood and the related deforestation problems for the ecosystem, TreeCoin is a global project that combines a solution for sustainable and profitable reforestation in Paraguay, with a dual-token mechanism relying on Ardor blockchain technology. The “TREE CYCLE OF LIFE” represents from one side planting fast-growing eucalyptus forests and, from the other side, creating profitable investments based on two digital assets – TREE and TXC, which are safely stored on Ardor Blockchain for maximum investors’ security, transparency, flexibility and ownership clearly defined.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!