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Jelurida Weekly Wins

08 March 2021


New Ardor integration with Simplex

We are glad to announce the new strategic collaboration with Simplex, the industry leader crypto-fiat solution provider, in order to promote the Ardor ecosystem and to encourage new implementations. Through the Ardor integration with the Simplex service, it is now possible to buy Ardor cryptocurrency with a credit card directly on Jelurida website, as well as through Simplex's extensive partner network. The new partnership between Jelurida and Simplex has been mentioned in Crypto News Flash and Ihodl articles, along with Japanese and Chinese media. Ignis and Nxt integrations are coming soon, stay tuned!

March 30-31 – Lior & Sergi speakers at Java Case Study Conference

Lior Yaffe and Sergi Baila will be speakers at the Java Case Study Conference for Java Developers, organized by Geekle, on March 30 – 31, 2021. Lior will present a blockchain-based online gaming server implemented in Java, a modern approach to interactive game design and token-based incentive system. Further, Sergi will provide a blockchain Java use case, from the inception until having a decentralized network of more than 1000 Ardor nodes worldwide. Find out more and buy your ticket here.

Tarasca DAO could be the first DAO with mass appeal

DAO, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization, provides great opportunities in the blockchain and crypto world, that is to automate the management of an enterprise or project based on a set of governance rules. Tarasca DAO is focused on art and gaming using NFTs, it is based on Ignis-Ardor secure environment and entirely governed by Ardor's smart contracts and built-in features. Five years after The DAO's failure, the Ardor-based Tarasca DAO could be the first DAO for mainstream adoption with real-world use cases, as mentioned in this U.Today article.

Jelurida Africa announces the new ABDC Series II – Europe & Africa

Jelurida Africa is proud to announce the launch of ABDC Series - part II, the Europe-Africa Blockchain Developers Call. The second edition aims to bring Europe and Africa together to see what could be jointly achieved in terms of digital transformation in the blockchain space, with the main topic focused on empowering and encouraging home-grown decentralized solutions in creating the ideal digitally transformed ecosystem.

New ARDR exchange tools on Changelly & ChangeNOW

New ARDR exchange tools for crypto-fiat purchase with credit card payment are now available on Changelly and ChangeNOW platforms, following the Ardor successful integration with Simplex.

Ardor – long term bullish and great potential

This Chinese article explains why Ardor's upward momentum looks promising. Following the recent sharp rise of ARDR cryptocurrency and based on charts and technical analysis, Ardor blockchain project is considered to have long-term growth potential.