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Jelurida Weekly Wins

01 March 2021


BridgeChamp project development is in full swing!

Starting from the challenges facing the online Bridge players and the whole industry, BridgeChamp project aims to demonstrate that Ardor blockchain platform is now an engineering masterpiece and how its ecosystem can be used to create a profitable, regulatory compliant, real-world production dapp with high scaling potential. Now, 6 months after launch, the project development is at peak with a full-time dedicated team, and the end result is advancing as one of the greatest use cases for blockchain integration and token economy. The 2021 roadmap will be uploaded soon on Register now to the newsletter for any update!

Ardor Data Pruning – Episode 6

The sixth episode of our educational series "Ardor – 10 things you need to know" describes Ardor Data Pruning system. Ardor's architecture allows certain data to be safely removed ("pruned") from the blockchain without affecting its integrity. Archival nodes contain the complete history of transactions, while Snapshot nodes only contain the cryptographic proof that the data existed. This feature is the solution to the blockchain bloat problem by reducing the blockchain database size, thus supporting the scalability of the network.

ARDR added to NOWnodes and 7b cryptobroker

Ardor is now available on NOWnodes, the blockchain explorer and node APIs, with Ardor full node support to your wallet, exchange, swap service and many more. Moreover, ARDR has been added to 7b cryptobroker platform for trading.

Jelurida: the company behind Ardor, Ignis & Nxt

Jelurida has been mentioned in this Blockonomi article as the pioneering company that developed Nxt and Ardor, the energy-efficient open-source blockchain solutions, and Ignis, Ardor's main child chain. Jelurida team designed and implemented many blockchain-based business solutions and decentralized applications in Ardor's ecosystem, as Triffic, Cycle4Value, ArdorRocks and Gallery Defender. Jelurida also offers child chain creation service, private blockchain implementation and technical consulting.

New Ardor 3.0 is the Defi Game Changer

Ardor multi-chain platform offers unique scalability and security, and solutions can be easily deployed in its ecosystem and running at low-cost transaction fees. Ardor represents a Blockchain-as-a-service platform with many distinctive features, to cite a few: decentralized asset exchange, governance system, decentralized voting, and smart contracts. In the latest Ardor 3.0 update, the pruning feature of child chain transactions has been added to Ardor's functionality to support the scalability of the network. Altogether, Ardor could be the new alternative in Decentralized Finance.

Jelurida Africa's solutions against CBN crypto ban

Bitcoinist and BTCmanager articles mentioned Jelurida Africa managing director's opinion about the Central Bank of Nigeria prohibition on cryptocurrencies, an aggressive strategy to exclude crypto investors from the traditional banking system. Despite the CBN's directive, many fintech and crypto initiatives are emerging and the Jelurida Africa expansion plan is to engage more African countries adopting the decentralized system offered by blockchain technology, which is highly required in Africa, in order to make different financial ecosystems coexist.

New Ardor Use Cases Event

Alberto Fernandez presented the New Ardor Use Cases Event, on February 25 at Cryptoplaza headquarters in Madrid. During the live session, he described with Isaac Martin the Geolocation enterprise supply chain prototype on Ardor blockchain, Triffic App and HotCity projects on GPS location in the gaming and sustainable-energy recycling sector, and NFTMagic live demo application. Watch the recorded session here!

Ardor – one of the best public chains for NFTs app

The NFTs sector is booming with wide applications scenarios, from stocks, bonds to pictures or any digital asset with unique attributes recorded on the blockchain. The NFTs projects are on many public chains, but Ardor blockchain platform has been mentioned as one of the best in this Chinese article. BridgeChamp and NFTMagic offer higher game usability, no congestion while playing and low-fee transaction costs thanks to Ardor's unique design.