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Jelurida Weekly Wins

22 February 2021


Ardor NFTs – Episode 5

The fifth episode of our educational series "Ardor – 10 things you need to know" explains the Non-Fungible Tokens, which can be created and stored on the Ardor blockchain thanks to the Singleton Asset and Data Cloud features. "Mythical Beings" is the first trading card game with digital collectibles launched by Tarasca, the first DAO based on Ardor. As mentioned in these CoinPost and BTCmanager articles, Tarasca NFTs proposal in the gaming sector values digital scarcity and real-world utility, thus confirming its highest potential for mainstream adoption, compared to unsustainable use cases merely focused on price speculation.

Jelurida documentary on New Frontiers in Blockchain

Jelurida Swiss has been presented by Planet TV Studios New Frontiers series, as one of the cutting-edge blockchain organizations that are shaping the blockchain field worldwide. The documentary video introduces the blockchain software development company behind Ardor, Ignis and Nxt projects; and Jelurida's distinctive points of strength for technology, business operations and service offering. ARDR is long-term bullish

Ardor has been named in this article as one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies among 15 listed to be promising in the long-term, based on charts and technical analysis. Further, this Beincrypto article describes ARDR to have high growth potential, following last week's token price raise and its upward trend.

Triffic – the upcoming GPS Pay Wallet preview

Triffic has recently shared with the community the preview of the new GPS Pay Wallet coming soon on Triffic App, with the fast account signup and user-friendly verification process. Many important launches have been announced for Q1: the new Triffic App 2.0 version with in-app subscription, the GPS Pay Wallet, and the GPS Token Network community. Stay tuned!

February 25 – Francisco panel moderator at Blockpool Bootcamp

We are happy to announce the participation of Francisco Sarrias as panel moderator at the Blockpool Bootcamp session about blockchain commercialization strategies, with the participation of three panelists: Mobolaji Onibudo, CEO at Digital Transaction Services, Owen McCall, TreeCoin Marketing Director, and Shayne Tan, Co-Founder & CMO at Coalculus Blockchain. The panel discussion will take place on February 25, from 9:30 to 10:30 am CET. Register here to join the free online event.

TreeCoin – the global reforestation project on Ardor

Environmental sustainability is becoming a very important field in blockchain technology, in addition to financial and gaming applications, and TreeCoin is one great example on the Ardor blockchain, as mentioned in this Chinese media. TreeCoin is a Swiss project with global outreach for sustainable and profitable reforestation in Paraguay, adopting Ardor blockchain technology for crowdsourcing investment and the creation of digital assets economies. In particular, TreeCoin operates based on dual-token mechanism on the Ardor blockchain. TREE, the fully-regulated security token, is used for raising capital and represents the investor's share in the initiative. TXC, a currency token, will be used for local payments. Once again, Ardor has been chosen for its advanced technology, easy-to-use built-in features, and constant support on project development and deployment from Jelurida's expert team.

Jelurida Africa expanding to more countries

Following the 2020 success of the Africa Blockchain Developers Call series and the blockchain trainings and educational series, Jelurida Africa is now ready to expand its operations to more African countries, moving forward with the extensive blockchain adoption plan. Jelurida Africa team welcomed new community managers, business developers and marketing executives from 5 different countries: Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria. On the business side, the company expansion process will focus on customized product deployment solutions on Ardor blockchain. Furthermore, Jelurida Africa will launch the ABDC series II, and many more projects in 2021.