Jelurida Weekly Wins

15 February 2021


Ardor v3.0 changes – full documentation published

The changes done in Ardor 3.0 have been summarized in this detailed documentation, to support developers to easily migrate their applications to the latest Ardor testnet version. The pruning of child chain transactions represents a major innovation in Ardor's revolutionary design for scalability solution. The document explains design decisions such as the merkelized state tree, changes in the block and transaction byte format, public key announcement in ChildBlock transaction, recipient public key announcement on parent chain, and others. It details how the blockchain processing works with snapshots, documents new API additions and the changes to the peer networking, and lists the remaining future work.

NFTs Meet DAOs on the Ardor Platform

Mythical Creatures, the first digital collection of trading card game launched by Tarasca and the first DAO based on Ardor, has been covered in this Zycrypto article. Tarasca NFTs proposal in the gaming sector not only values the digital scarcity, but also respects the artistic part and the cultural legacy of the creatures. Thus, it demonstrates the long-term potential and sustainable success compared to many speculative NFTs bubbles.
Tarasca artist ANA Santiso explains why Ardor blockchain is the right solution for artistic services in a digital environment. It offers registration, tokenization and asset exchange for transactions at low fees, among many other ready-made tools, while providing the security of built-in smart contracts without risks. Furthermore, Tarasca plans to launch soon the Mythical Creatures of the World board game, sold via a crowdfunding campaign starting in Q2.

Triffic v2.0 available for internal testing

Triffic has recently announced that the new App version 2.0 is now available for internal testing. Based on their community feedbacks, the complete rebuilt application could be fully launched by the end of March, 2021! Important announcements are coming soon, stay tuned!

Sustainable Development in Ardor ecosystem

Ardor and Jelurida appear to promote and support the blockchain niche market for sustainable development to real-world solutions, as mentioned in this Ihodl article. Several Ardor projects have been presented, with Jelurida Africa's initiatives to bring transparency to fragmented datasets: MedSync, to store medical data with patient's full ownership, and MVLedger, the immutable ledger for motor vehicle. Further, TreeCoin is the global project for profitable and sustainable reforestation; HotCity uses Ardor blockchain to gamify the process of crowdsourcing waste heat into energy recycling, and Cycle4Value to incentivize people to cycle rather than use their cars.

February 25 – New Ardor Use Cases Event

We are glad to announce the New Ardor Use Cases event, where Alberto Fernandez and Isaac Martin will present Triffic App and HotCity GPS location on blockchain, a geolocation prototype solution for enterprise supply chains, and NFTMagic application. Join the event on February 25, 2021 from 7 pm to 8 pm CET, taking place both on-site at CryptoPlaza headquarters in Madrid, and on YouTube live session.

Adedayo's opinion about Central Bank Nigeria new restrictions on crypto

As discussed in and TheCable articles, the latest directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria insists on new restrictions on cryptocurrencies, which claims to protect the country's financial system by excluding crypto players from the banking system controlled by the government. This decision has been inevitable for Adedayo Adebajo, Jelurida Africa managing director, especially after Endsars protest movement started raising funds in cryptocurrencies, when the CBN freezed their bank accounts. This directive proves the reason why decentralization offered by the blockchain technology, without conventional banking systems, is highly required in Africa.

Max Property Group – new partnership within New Zealand

Max Property Group has announced a new strategic partnership within New Zealand, to launch a new real estate crowdfunding platform powered by Ardor blockchain technology, under the name Max Crowdfund NZ Agency Limited. This partnership is part of a global expansion program, started after Max Crowdfund achieved the Dutch Financial Authorities (AFM) approval in July 2020, becoming the first blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform.