Jelurida Weekly Wins

08 February 2021


Alberto guest speaker at "Cryptoeconomia" TV Show & IEB Opening Ceremony

On February 4th, Alberto participated as a guest speaker, representing Jelurida and Ardor in the "Cryptoeconomia" TV Show and the IEB Opening Ceremony. During the live TV session (link to recorded show) hosted by the national channel Negocios, Alberto discussed with the Bit2Me CEO, Leif Ferreira, the challenges of Central Bank Digital Currencies vs. Cryptocurrencies. They analyzed what these offer to investors, the difference between them, the crypto regulations, and the reason why central banks consider cryptocurrencies a threat even though now banks and institutions already operate with crypto. Afterwards, he took part in the IEB Opening Ceremony for the presentation of the "Blockchain & Digital Innovation" university program. During the event, Alberto presented Jelurida, the Ardor ecosystem, the Diem and stable coins disruption, the FOMO discussion, and how to mitigate investment risks.

Triffic 2021 development roadmap release

Triffic App has released its 2021 Development Roadmap, which includes in Q1 the launch of Triffic App version 2.0 with in-app subscriptions, GPS Pay Wallet and GPS Token Network community, and many more new features coming for the next quarters.

Ardor – A multi-chain platform with a multitude of use cases

The Ardor blockchain and its multiple uses cases have been covered in Crypto News Flash and Coinspeaker articles, as one of the few platforms attracting legitimate applications to solve real-world problems with long-term power, and even greater potential for mainstream adoption. TreeCoin, the global project for profitable and sustainable reforestation, adopts an Ardor-based dual-token mechanism that grants full transparency and security to TreeCoin investors. HotCity is also a sustainability project, awarded and funded by the Austrian Government, that uses Ardor blockchain to gamify the process of crowdsourcing waste heat into energy recycling, and rewards HotCity app users with Ardor tokens. Further, Triffic App adopts gamification to incentivize users moving around in their neighborhood and reward them with Triffic's Ardor-based GPS token, while offering promotions for local businesses to attract more customers. Finally, one of the latest Ardor projects is Bridge Champ, the first blockchain-based online platform for the famous strategy card game that will operate an in-game economy and will provide secure, tamper-proof and transparent competitions.

Jelurida Africa expanding its team into more countries

Following the successful Africa Blockchain Developers' Call series and blockchain trainings and education in 2020, Jelurida Africa is now set to expand its frontiers to other African countries, as a step forward for widespread blockchain adoption. Therefore, highly qualified community managers, business developers and marketing executives have joined the Jelurida Africa team from 5 different countries. The first official meeting was conducted to officially kickstart the company's expansion process with focus on product deployment solutions for customers on Ardor blockchain platform.

Ardor Alias System – Episode 4

The fourth episode of our educational series "Ardor – 10 things you need to know" illustrates the Alias System, an Ardor built-in feature that allows users to easily create unique aliases for Ardor accounts, IP addresses, URLs, or any arbitrary text data. You can learn more about the Alias System on the Ardordocs dedicated page.

New Charity on GiveSafely platform

GiveSafely is a secured donation platform that relies on the Ardor blockchain technology, allowing donors to control their data and get rewards. GiveSafely recently welcomed a new Charity partner on its platform. PCI is a global dev NGO with the mission to enhance health, stop hunger, overcome hardship and advance women and girls.

Ardor's NFTs use case in Japanese & Chinese media

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are receiving much attention in the crypto world as digital collectibles that are easily verifiable. All the NFTs-related progress announced in Ardor community for 2021 has been covered in Japanese and Chinese media. Ardor.World community platform will launch, among other features, the NFTs Explorer by February. It will serve as a marketplace for publishing, trading and searching NFTs. Furthermore, NFTs-related development plans are also intended on Ignis child chain, where the Singleton Asset and Data Cloud features allow users to publish NFTs and storage data on the blockchain. DeFiMAGIC, one of the NFTs community projects on Ignis, automatically performs many Ardor-related functions by simply tweeting a specific hashtag on Twitter. Overall, these NFTs projects prove Ardor blockchain's potential and the ease of use of its smart contracts operations and functions.