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Jelurida Weekly Wins

01 February 2021


Ardor & TreeCoin – Blockchain for Sustainable Projects

Treecoin, the new use case developed on Ardor blockchain technology, is a Swiss project with global outreach for sustainable and profitable reforestation. This week it has been covered in CoinGape and Ihodl articles.

Treecoin demonstrates real-world value for Ardor blockchain technology on sustainable forest development project of fast-growing eucalyptus trees while, not only generating profit for investors, but also redirecting 10% of profits into local community initiatives.
The blockchain technology is the ideal environment for crowdsourcing investment and creation of economies based on digital assets, due to its transparency and temper-proof recording of events. More precisely, Treecoin operates based on dual-token mechanism on the Ardor blockchain. The first, TREE, is a fully-regulated security token for raising capital and represents the investor’s share to the initiative. The second token, TXC, is a currency token that will operate as cash-like currency for local economy and to pay partners, suppliers and employees.

Once again, Ardor blockchain has proven itself, being adopted for providing many out-of-the box tools and built-in features that are easy to use for non-blockchain professionals.

February 4 – Alberto will be guest speaker at IEB Opening Ceremony

Alberto will be guest speaker representing Jelurida during the IEB Opening Ceremony for the presentation of the “Blockchain & Digital Innovation” university program. The online session is scheduled on February 4th at 7 pm CET. Register here to participate.

Ardor Forging Algorithm – Episode 3

The third episode of our educational series “Ardor – 10 things you need to know” clearly explains the Ardor’s 100% pure proof-of-stake algorithm, and how the forging secures all the transactions on Ardor network and its child chains. You can learn more about the forging algorithm and Ardor’s built-in features on the Ardordocs dedicated page.

SmartVoting – The Secure & Easy-to-use digital voting solution on Ardor Blockchain

SmartVoting is the revolutionary and uncensored voting system on Ardor blockchain, which grants the utmost transparency, security and reliability, while maintaining voters’ privacy. The SmartVoting platform has been recently renewed with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with many new features added. Anyone, as businesses, authorities or individual users, can participate in blockchain-based voting with no special technical knowledge required.

Ardor.World – New Feature release: GPS/BITSWIFT Asset Report

The Ardor.World platform, developed and managed by Ardor community member “m4kstep”, has recently released the new feature for GPS/BITSWIFT Asset Report, as announced in its 2021 roadmap. In the following weeks, a new feature will follow: the NFT explorer, which will serve as marketplace and service for NFTs. Stay tuned!

Jelurida & Changelly PRO’s partnership in Chinese media

The strategic partnership of Jelurida with ChangellyPRO and the mutual benefits of in-depth integration and consolidation in the trading ecosystem have been covered in Chinese media.

ChangellyPRO moved from a technical service provider to a full-featured trading platform, and it chose Jelurida’s cooperation to achieve upgrades faster. On the other side, Jelurida offers high-quality projects, cutting-edge technology and best-in class services. Even though challengesin the industry are still present, the collaboration between the two companies is a good example of merging resources and efforts in order to efficiently achieve the same goal, that is to offer the best experience possible for users and developers, and to greatly promote the progress of the crypto industry.