Jelurida Weekly Wins

18 January 2021


Read Lior's interview with Changelly CEO – the importance of crypto projects collaborations

In this Q&A article covered by Cointelegraph, Lior Yaffe and Eric Benz explain the importance and the main advantages of Jelurida's and ChangellyPro partnership, and how the trading platforms are evolving in the challenging crypto world.
Even though there are clear benefits of integration and consolidation, big challenges are still present to create an easy-to-use yet powerful trading ecosystem. From one side, the increased supply and security, while from the other side, the lack of standardization at the API layer and the regulations of crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, this long-standing collaboration between Jelurida and ChangellyPro is a great example of resources and efforts integration towards the same goal, that is to provide the best experience possible for users and developers for mass adoption.

Triffic – the Ardor blockchain-based AR game app

Jelurida's latest development progress on Triffic app has been covered in this CoinPost article. Triffic, the Ardor blockchain-based Augmented Reality game app, launched its own child chain within the Ardor ecosystem last September 2020. Since then, many improvements have been added, as the DEX attached wallet, a new UI and the power-up feature to improve the in-game GPS token experience. According to Triffic's founder, James Malach, many more features will be added soon to make the game even more engaging and a world-leading location-based marketing platform.

Ardor's multichain architecture – Episode 1

Ardor blockchain technology is relatively new and even though many people already have good knowledge of its blockchain's disruptive potential, for newcomers joining the crypto world there is always something new to learn. Therefore, we have created this series called "Ardor – 10 things you need to know", 10 must-read topics, published weekly, to help our community getting closer to Ardor unique technology and to learn why Ardor's technology can solve many existing industry problems for mainstream adoption.
This first episode "Ardor's multichain architecture" focuses on Ardor's parent-child chain elegant design, which is the key to the flexibility and increased processing capabilities of Ardor's public and decentralized network.

Ardor's development strategy to stay ahead of competition

2020 was an exceptional year for Ardor with major breakthroughs in technological innovation. With regard to competition, the more popular a project is, the higher the cost of its use becomes, thus reducing the possibilities for large-scale commercial landing. At the technical level, Ardor's unique parent-child chain architecture maintains the leading position in term of compatibility for large-scale enterprise-level application on public chains deployment, as mentioned in these Chinese articles. The confirmation is the Ardor ecosystem itself and Jelurida is working hard to make Ardor even more popular and powerful by bringing more excellent applications into its ecosystem.

MPG: 2021 January newsletter & new platform languages added

Max Property Group (MPG) recently shared new business and corporate information to its investors and community in the recent newsletter for January 2021. Moreover, to provide a better experience to its potential investors, the Norwegian and Swedish languages have been added to the MaxCrowdfund platform.

Ardor.World 2021 roadmap has been released

New functionalities will be added soon to Ardor.World platform: the web-push notifications, the CSV export transaction in Ardor.World cabinet, the GPS/BITSWIFT asset report and the NFT explorer. Look at Ardor.World new roadmap to discover more about the unique services that awaits you in 2021!