Jelurida Weekly Wins

28 December 2020


Jelurida – One of the four crypto companies for 2021

The crypto space had significant growth throughout this year, and 2020 was certainly a remarkable year for Jelurida. Multiple technological achievements, two important projects with the Austrian government, QualiSig and HotCity, to provide blockchain-based real-world solutions and, the recent launch of Bridge Champ, the first on-chain version of the famous strategy card game Bridge, to tokenize the gaming sector. Therefore, Jelurida has been named as one of the four innovative crypto companies to follow over the coming year, as mentioned in this article by Crypto News Flash.

How Triffic is Gamifying Advertising for Local Businesses

Triffic, the free augmented reality app, is a smartphone game that rewards users with GPS crypto tokens for walking outside their neighborhood, and offers in-platform advertising for local businesses to attract potential customers. Triffic is a blockchain-based app, developed as one of Ardor's child chains, that allows newcomers to overcome technical and psychological barriers, thus to enter the crypto world in a funny and easy way, aiming for mainstream adoption.
Improved user experience, GPS tokens with real-world value, and branded reward beacons are some of the features that distinguish Triffic app for its win-win model, as cited in this Blockchain News article.

Read Lior's interview "Expanding our presence in Japan"

During this interview with CoinPost, Lior introduces Jelurida as the pioneering company in PoS projects development, and the advantages of Ardor's Pure PoS consensus algorithm. Moving forward, Lior explains the business strategy about Jelurida's offices in Africa and South Korea, and the goal to increase awareness about Ardor project among Japanese investors, aiming to partner in the near future with Japanese tech companies.

Three Ardor projects to showcase its features

Ardor blockchain is the first PoS multi-chain platform that solves many industry problems such as bloating and dependency on single token, and offers custom child chains with their security ensured by the whole network. This ZyCrypto article explains why Ardor has been chosen by several projects, thanks to its unique features and over three years of stable operations. Triffic, the augmented reality app; Treecoin, a sustainable reforestation project with two tokens secured on Ignis; and Bridge Champ, the first blockchain purpose-built platform of the famous strategy card game Bridge, based on the Ignis child chain.

AMA's recap with Alberto & Infinity Chain community

Alberto Fernandez was guest speaker on December 22 in AMA event hosted by Infinity Chain community. He introduced the Ardor blockchain platform, the advantages of its multi-chain architecture and child-chain interoperability, the benefits of using PoS, the Ardor token economy, and the milestones achieved so far. He further explained the business strategies to increase adoption, the new Bridge Champ application, the feature enhancements available on the new Ardor version v2.3.3, and the v3.0.0e coming soon. During the live session, he clarified about running Ardor on PC or smartphone, the token creation on child chains, the smart contracts security, and the Ignis DEX.

Cycle4Value: a blockchain-based reward system to promote cycling and sustainability

The Cycle4Value project, based on the Ardor blockchain, has been tested in practice for the first time by researchers from the Donau University, Krems and MIT. C4V will reward crypto tokens to users for regular cycling, thus promoting physical activity. It represents an energy-efficient solution for validating route data and transaction processing.

AMA's recap with Lior & Financial Road

Lior Yaffe was guest speaker on December 23 in AMA event hosted by Financial Road, the Chinese crypto media. After introducing himself, Lior presented the Jelurida company and Ardor, Ignis and Nxt blockchain platforms to the community. He then outlined the benefits of Ardor's multi-chain architecture and its parent-child chain structure, the importance of balancing between scalability and decentralization, and the simplicity of the Ignis lightweight contracts without compromising on security.