Jelurida Weekly Wins

20 December 2020


Bridge Champ – One of Top 3 Blockchain-based Games for 2021

Integrating the blockchain technology into gaming applications is one of the greatest and fastest-growing use cases for tech industry, as cited in this Coinspeaker article. It offers significant advantages to both sides, considering the number of worldwide gamers as potential adopters and the benefits brought to the game by blockchain technology.
Bridge Champ, the first on-chain application for the popular strategy card game Bridge, developed by Jelurida, has been mentioned as one of the top three blockchain-based games for 2021. Bridge Champ will offer an enhanced user experience through customization options, an open API to organize tournaments, and built-in social features. Furthermore, thanks to it being implementated on the Ardor blockchain, it will also include an in-game economy for competition registration with "proof-of-play" crypto assets award, and the utmost transparency and security.

Triffic Power-ups have been released

Thanks to the latest release of Triffic Power-ups, the App usability to earn GPS tokens is now considerably improved. Download the latest version of Triffic app and start collecting your cryptocurrency tokens for free, in the easiest and funniest way!

AMA's recap with Francisco & Crypto MoonLight

Francisco Sarrias was guest speaker on December 15 in AMA event hosted by Crypto MoonLight community. He introduced the Ardor blockchain, its unique parent-child chain architecture, and the advantages of using the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.
During the live session, he answered many interesting questions about Ardor tokens, the bundling process and Ardor zero-fee child-chain transactions to welcome crypto newcomers and to get easily started. He also explained the benefits of forging, his opinion about DeFi and Jelurida's major partnerships and marketing strategy to expand blockchain adoption.

Enhancing the Gaming experience for Blockchain Mass Adoption

A Coincodex article observes that mainstream adoption of blockchain technology could be boosted by the gaming industry, which is remarkably growing at almost 10% rate in recent years. Blockchain technology can provide major benefits to gaming applications but the key point is to onboard established gamers through blockchain-based platforms with improved user experience of their favorite games, rather than offering new ones. Jelurida is doing so, in partnership with Bridge Online Academy, by developing Bridge Champ, a state-of-the-art and customizable gaming application for the famous card game Bridge.

Dec 22 – AMA with Alberto & Infinity Chain community

Alberto Fernandez will be a guest speaker at our last 2020's AMA event hosted by Infinity Chain community, on December 22, at 12 PM UTC. Join the Twitter and Telegram live session and share your best questions about Ardor blockchain and Jelurida company, for a total reward of $150.

Read Jelurida's projects yearly review

Despite of 2020 being definitely an unusual year, it brought great opportunities for the blockchain and crypto economy, as well as for Jelurida. This article from Chinese media reviews Jelurida's top 10 milestones that happened in its ecosystem. Nxt 1.12.1 and 2 version updates, eSignus partnership to integrate hardware wallets, BETH assets for trading tokens to ETH, the QualiSig project with Austrian government about COVID-19 secured communications for data exchange, and the launch of Triffic App and its GPS child-chain deployment. Moving forward, MPG receiving approval from the Dutch Financial Market Authority for blockchain-based real estate loans, the launch of GiveSafely donation platform, Ardor 2.3.2 version update with many improvements and feature enhancements, the HotCity project with Austrian government for sustainable energy use which won the Austrian Blockchain Award, and the first SmartVoting poll on Ardor mainnet.