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Jelurida Weekly Wins

14 December 2020


New Ardor 3.0 Testnet coming soon

The Ardor platform was designed from the very beginning with scalability in mind. Our unique solution to reduce blockchain bloat is based on a single parent chain providing the proof-of-stake security, and multiple prunable child chains. When Ardor was launched on 01.01.2018, the multi-chain architecture was already in place, but the pruning and snapshotting of child chain transactions was yet to be developed. Now, this critical component of our scalability solution is getting ready to be deployed for the first time on a public testnet. We are in the final rounds of testing and expect to release the experimental testnet-only Ardor 3.0.0e version by the end of this month. We have already taken a snapshot of the current Ardor testnet on which the Genesis block of the 3.0.0e testnet is based, so users who already have testnet coins will be able to start experimenting with the new version as soon as it is released. A major milestone in the Ardor platform development is being achieved, stay tuned for the release announcement!

Watch Lior's video speaking at Crypto Economy Forum

In case you missed Lior's presentation of Ardor and Jelurida at the Crypto Economy Forum on November 26, you can now watch the recorded video. During the session, Lior presented the Ardor multi-chain architecture, Ignis as its main child-chain, and the Nxt blockchain platform. He then introduced the new Ardor use case, Bridge Champ, the first on-chain application of the famous strategy card game, to be launched by Jelurida. Lior explained many reasons why Bridge Champ will be a door opener to tokenize the Causal Gaming industry, pursuing the goal of bringing blockchain to mass adoption.

Ardor – the long-standing blockchain platform

The Ardor blockchain platform received much attention this year from crypto media, as mentioned in this Blockonomi article. In contrast to other competitors' long-awaited releases, Ardor was launched almost three years ago, fully operational with its multi-chain architecture ever since. The outstanding technology makes Ardor, as the parent chain, responsible for securing the network and overseeing transactions on child chains, achieving scalability thanks to the transaction pruning design. Ignis, Ardor's main child chain, is accessible with ready-made functionality and, in case of more customization needed, it's possible to set up a new public or permissioned child chain. Ardor's ecosystem already consists of many remarkable enterprise use cases, such as the Hot City and the QualiSig projects with the Austrian government. Jelurida's experienced team offers development and consulting services, facilitating blockchain adoption by enterprises and users.

Dec 15 – AMA with Francisco & Crypto MoonLight community

Francisco Sarrias will be a guest speaker at AMA event hosted by Crypto MoonLight community, on December 15, at 12:30 CET. Join the Twitter and Telegram live session and share your best questions about Ardor blockchain and Jelurida company, for a total reward of $100 in ARDR.

The use of blockchain-supported rewards system for knowledge transfer

The fundamental aspect of knowledge management is the transfer of know-how between generations, meaning how young professionals can acquire knowledge from past generations in an efficient and sustainable way. Authors from Comparative Media Studies, MIT, the Center of Applied Games Studies, DUK, and other universities, discussed two methods to encourage this process, which is a blockchain-based gamification rewards system, thus tokens can be permanent, verifiable and visible.

ABDC series – three months of blockchain events

The Africa Blockchain Developer's Call represented an excellent opportunity for all participants, partners and speakers to showcase all areas of blockchain technology potential during the three-month event. The report is now available with key takeaways from each weekend series.

Bridge Champ & Ignis blockchain application

The upcoming Bridge Champ is the first blockchain-based application of the famous strategy card game, and will be deployed on Ignis, Ardor's main child-chain, as mentioned by many Chinese media. Jelurida aims to develop a new operation mode of the game, through the integration of blockchain technology. Bridge Champ will offer a great user experience and all-level security, with tamper-proof achievement registration, proven randomization, and cheat prevention. In the near future, Bridge Champ will also benefit from Ardor's scalability, thus bringing game socialization and players' sense of belonging into Ardor's users ecosystem.