Jelurida Weekly Wins

07 December 2020


New Ardor release v2.3.3

The new Ardor version 2.3.3 has been released with several optimizations and updated features. The new release includes various bugfixes and performance improvements for bundlers UI, light client, contract runner fee calculation, node process UI, asset and coin exchange transactions, added scripts to simplify running the tax reporting tool, filter selector to list standby shufflers, account ledger fee source distinction, fixed UI for setting account control with zero maximum fee, and exchange UI improvements. This stable release is an optional upgrade but highly recommended for all Ardor users. Installation packages are available from the dedicated Ardor downloads page.

Jelurida's new collaboration with CoinPost Japan

We are glad to announce the official collaboration with CoinPost, the Japanese cryptocurrency and blockchain media. The partnership is part of Jelurida's comprehensive marketing strategy to build strong awareness and expand the cutting-edge technology worldwide.

Bridge Champ – when blockchain meets "chess of cards"

The announcement of Jelurida's Bridge Champ, the pioneering blockchain application for the strategy card game Bridge, is published by CoinMarketCap and CoinPost crypto media.
Built on Ignis, Ardor's main child-chain, the new decentralized application will merge the benefits of a state-of-the-art gaming engine with API functions to support the third-party integrations with the highest flexibility of a customizable environment. Bridge Champ will add new competition features to online tournaments, secure all game information, prevent fraud and manage reputations through a specific class of tokens.

Ardor & Ignis – ready-made scalable & staking platforms

Ardor will soon enter its fourth year of uninterrupted operation as the first platform with multi-chain architecture, while many other blockchain platforms still try to achieve scalability and still need many years for the full implementation and operability, as mentioned in a BTCmanager article. Ardor and its main child-chain Ignis are ready-made scalable and staking platforms, thanks to many out-of-the-box features available for users, even for those with limited coding or development know-how. Therefore, Ardor is receiving much attention from enterprises, as showcased by the projects with the Austrian government: Hot City, for sustainable energy use, and QualiSig, for secure COVID-19-related communications; or SmartVoting, the blockchain-based voting for decentralized governance.

Francisco named as official mentor by Blockpool EU project

Congratulations to Francisco Sarrias, who has been included in the official list of mentors published by Blockpool, the EU project for accelerating the adoption and deployment of blockchain and DLTs for SMEs.

Nxt and its 7th birthday – covered by Chinese media

On November 24, 2013, Nxt blockchain was launched as the first pure Proof-of-Stake blockchain platform. On the occasion of its 7th anniversary, it has received some new coverage by the Chinese media.
Written from scratch in Java, Nxt offers a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, a universal and flexible architecture, a decentralized asset exchange, and proven stability over 7 years. Nxt technology served as a base to develop Ardor blockchain platform, innovatively designed as a multi-chain architecture, where Ignis is its main child chain. Still today, Nxt is one of the most tested and reliable platforms in the industry, thanks to its multiple easy-to-use modular built-in features, offering great potential for blockchain implementation for any public or private users.

Ardor in Cryptocurrency Picks for 2020

Ardor has been mentioned as one of the top five cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2020 by HedgeTrade. Many investors are now beginning to choose smaller coins with huge growth potential and, learning from history, the best ROI over time. Thanks to Ardor "Blockchain as a Service" business model, which minimizes the entry barriers for adoption, many organizations have already incorporated Ardor blockchain technology into their operations, as an example for extensive use.