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Jelurida Weekly Wins

23 November 2020


Nov 26 – Lior speaker at Crypto Economy Forum

Don't miss the chance to be a part of the Crypto Economy Forum, where Lior will present the Ardor blockchain on November 26, at 14:30 CET. More than 30 renowned experts of the crypto sector will discuss about decentralized crypto, Bitcoin, banking, DeFi protocols and many other topics. Attendees will be able to ask questions throughout all the two-days forum sessions, for a dynamic and enriching experience. Register here for the online event.

Nxt is turning 7 on Nov 24!

On November 24, 2013, Nxt blockchain was launched as the first pure Proof of Stake blockchain platform, and it has been running without problems ever since! To celebrate Nxt turning 7 years old, we are launching the "Nxt challenge": solve the puzzle and win 5.000 NXT. Specify all relevant crypto tickers for all relevant crypto logos that are randomly located on the picture, arrange them in right order and guess the passphrase to unlock the prize account: NXT-JGZ4-FT2W-8U8H-582P9.
Many thanks to MadFox for creating the puzzle! We also remind our readers that there is one more puzzle left unsolved for two years since Nxt's 5th birthday!

AMA with Francisco & Crypto Galaxy

Francisco Sarrias will be guest speaker at AMA event hosted by Crypto Galaxy community, on November 24, at 15:00 CET. Join the Twitter and Telegram live session and raise your best questions about Ardor blockchain and Jelurida company, for a total reward of $150 in ARDR.

Ardor Ledger app v1.0.2 now supports the GPS child chain

Now that the GPS child chain was successfully activated at the latest mainnet upgrade, the Ardor Ledger app has also been updated to support GPS tokens, together with other UI enhancements. Install version 1.0.2 using the Ledger Live Manager, and follow the documentation on how to use Ledger devices with the Ardor wallet.

Ardor public blockchain capabilities

Projects and businesses are now expanding their investments in blockchain solutions, as emerges from this ValueWalk article. In the public blockchain segment, enterprises look for the complete "as-a-service" package to engage, which is the public blockchain technology and the specialized outsourcing service. The QualiSig project with the Austrian government is the perfect example. Jelurida offered consulting service, support to the project implementation on Ardor public blockchain, and guidance during all the process. This could be the turning point for mainstream adoption, for blockchain technology to reveal its great potential in many enterprises projects.

ABDC session about Blockchain in Media, Art & Music - recap

Accelerating development in the media sector through blockchain technology has been the focus of the ABDC series weekend event, held on November 14th. BitSong platform ambassador, Adam Clay, explained how distributed ledger technologies would help music industry to thrive for transparent records, intellectual property rights, and payment methods. Palheiro, founder of Tarasca DAO built on Ardor blockchain, described how blockchain technology also helps in art and games sector, keeping secure and transparent data of art works. The decentralized and autonomous organization for games and art services allows buyers to trade anonymously and provides security of identity. Panelists explored strategies and policies to overcome initial challenges to blockchain adoption, in order to drive innovation and efficiency in music, arts and media industries.